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It’s Orchid Time

PhalaenopsisIn his last post, my boss Doug Jimerson mentioned how he saw pussy willows as a sign of spring coming. Outside my home landscape is still pretty bleak and cold (the wind chill was -21F when I went to work this morning), but inside I’m happy to also be seeing signs of spring.

I became hooked on orchids a couple of years ago, and now a table in my back porch houses a collection of about 30 or so different varieties of easy-to-grow moth orchids (Phalaenopsis). For me, most of these beauties bloom once a year and that’s in early spring. The plants are just starting to send up spikes now, so I know the spring season really must be right around the corner.

When my moth orchids begin showing off their lovely blooms, it’s a cue that I can start fertilizing my other houseplants again after their winter rest. I always start out slow, giving them about 1/4 the recommended dose for a month or so.

If you’re a cold-climate gardener like me, are you seeing signs of spring? If you’re a warm-climate gardener, what’s blooming in your yard now? Share by commenting below!

2 Responses to “ It’s Orchid Time ”

  1. I live in Maine and saw my first maple sugar buckets yesterday – they are a few weeks early this year, but it’s always a sign that spring (aka mud season) is on it’s way.

  2. Trees are budded and some early spring flowers are just up about 2 in.. Unusually cold winter. Charlotte ,NC

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