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Rabbit redux

It’s been a while since I blogged on rabbits, one of my perennial favorite topics. So…..

This photo shows what used to be a spirea shrub. There’s nothing in my yard that is a bigger favorite of rabbits, year after year, than spirea.  (Tulips and lettuce come close, though.)  There is a whole row of spirea plants, and they all look like this one. At least they look rejuvenated each spring, although they don’t ever get much bigger.

Rabbit damage

My neighbor, “Wilson”, has a barberry shrub in his front yard. Barberry is another rabbit favorite—the thorns don’t seem to matter a bit. The poor plant never could grow much before getting mowed down again. I finally talked him into putting some chicken wire around it to give it some protection. In  a year or so, it had grown quite a bit and once the wire was removed, the rabbits mostly left it alone. That’s the funny thing about rabbits — they always go after the small stuff, the plants they can eat without having to stand up. I guess they’re as lazy as they are hungry. In spring, newly sprouted perennials tend to get demolished, but if they have a chance to grow and get larger, then the bunnies leave them be.

This year, the snow drifts are pretty high, so the critters are getting to a lot branches that are normally out of reach. I’m trying to just relax and not let it bother me so much. As long as the plant doesn’t get mowed to the ground, I guess it’s not the worst that could happen. The spirea earns that prize.

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