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escape from winter

While our friends on the West Coast may be enjoying an early spring, here in Iowa we’re still in the deep freeze with record snow cover. By mid-February, I’m ready for a break from the snow and cold. Most years I travel to a warm-weather destination for a few days to lift my spirits. That won’t happen this year. Instead, I just walk out the door of my basement and into the attached greenhouse. I took this shot of Vista Bubblegum petunias this morning when the temperature outdoors was in the teens.

petuniaSeeing the bright flowers in bloom is a great way to adjust my attitude. Gardeners are naturally optimistic–how else can you explain the leap of faith that it takes to plant seeds with the expectation of beautiful flowers or bountiful harvests of produce?

On sunny days the greenhouse truly is tropical. It often reaches 80 degrees even when temperatures outdoors remain below freezing. I love to open the basement door and allow the scents of springtime to fill the entire house. But overnight and on cloudy days, temperatures frequently dip into the 40s in the greenhouse, even with the triple wall acrylic covering and insulating bubble wrap.

In order to start seeds in the greenhouse, I have a germination chamber that keeps the seedlings warmer. This germination box is large enough to hold five standard nursery flats (plus a few extra plants). germ-chamberA heating mat supplies bottom heat, and maintains a constant 70 degrees F. The 8-inch deep box fell short for growing stem cuttings, so I added a 1-foot tall extension made of treated deck rails. Usually it’s draped with clear plastic, to hold in the heat. But the plastic rolls back to make it easier to water and work with the seedlings. This photo shows that the grassy onion seedlings are growing nicely, as are half a dozen types of perennial flower seedlings. I’ll soon start more annual flowers and veggies. By then the perennials will be able to move to the cooler greenhouse benches. And with improving weather conditions (I remain optimistic!) they’ll be ready to transplant to the garden when the snow finally melts.

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  1. Great job! Love the petunias and your greenhouse is very tidy.

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