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Wrapping up

I am a fan of tree wrap for the tree species that tend to get sun scald or frost cracks. Tree wrap is not something most homeowners use, or are even aware of. But it’s a good idea to use it, and it’s easy to find at garden centers. And cheap too.

Maples are particularly susceptible. Crabapples too. And the photo below is of a Kwanzan cherry in my yard that got a nasty frost crack last year. (I didn’t get around to wrapping it — I did better this year!)  Smooth barked species in general are more prone to damage.

Sun scald usually is an early spring phenomenon, so if you haven’t wrapped yet, go ahead and do so.  It’s those occasional warm late February and Early March days (at least in the Upper Midwest) that wake trees up a bit, only to get hit by a subsequent cold snap. It’s especially a problem next to South- and West-facing walls, with their reflected heat.

Tree wrap

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