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Cool New Rose

Hot new plant alert!

Munstead Wood, a new rose from David Austin Roses, has really caught my eye. And that says a lot because while I’m a big plant geek, I have to confess that roses rarely make the top of my list.

Why am I eager to try this particular rose? First off, the color. Dark, velvety flowers like this blend well with the blues, purples, and whites I fill my garden with. I can just imagine how this plant would look tucked in among lavender, ‘Rozanne’ perennial geranium, and white veronica.

But the plant hosts more than just pretty flowers. It offers excellent disease resistance (which is important to me because I don’t spray my garden with traditional or organic products), a nice rounded habit (usually about 3 feet tall and 2½ feet wide), and a warm, rich scent.

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5 Responses to “ Cool New Rose ”

  1. Justin… that is one stunning rose. Do you think it would do OK here in the hot hot hot southwest?

  2. I love that color, your article is a breath of fresh air! I don’t have this rose, however,the color has worked very well with alot of my annuals…..Love it! Thanks for your very informative yet very knowlegable artice, Loved it ! Yvonne.

  3. Justin: how would you classify Munstead wood, is it hybrid tea or floribunda, I know it is not a climber. Help…

  4. Hi Carol! Munstead Wood is an English rose (a David Austin type). So it’s likely a hybrid between an old-fashioned or wild rose with a modern shrub or hybrid tea. Lovely, isn’t it! —Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

  5. Hi crazykaos! I’m not sure if the rose would do well in the Southwest. Being that it’s a brand new variety, I don’t know all that much about it yet. Have you tried other David Austin roses in your garden? —Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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