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Make Garden Magic in Winter

wHere in Iowa the days are still short and dreary. An unexpected storm is supposed to give us a few extra inches of snow today, and that follows a rainy weekend.

Even though spring still seems a long way off, you can make your yard sparkle in winter.

One way is to invest in some dwarf conifers. Grow a couple of rounded plants with a couple of columnar or cone-shaped varieties for a fun contrast that looks good all year.

Dress up your hanging baskets by stringing them in white lights. They’ll add holiday appeal during that season, and will continue to feel appropriate afterward.

Or add a splash of color by spray-painting the dead stems of your favorite perennials that are still in good shape.

Do you have tips for keeping your garden looking great in winter? Share them by commenting below! (Especially you lucky warm-climate gardeners who are enjoying fresh blooms right now.)

One Response to “ Make Garden Magic in Winter ”

  1. This is gorgeous! Thank -you, period. Yvonneflowers.

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