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Hot New Variety

Every year, a handful of plant companies send me and the other  BHG garden editors  samples of their new varieties for the next year. That gives us a chance to try them out and tell you what we really think of the plants instead of trusting a press release.

Last year we received a sample of a new sweet alyssum variety called Snow Princess sweet alyssum from Proven Winners. And I have to say this plant totally impressed me with its performance. I grew in window boxes on my second-story balcony with Easy Wave Burgundy Star petunia, thinking the alyssum would look good in spring while the petunia was growing in, then the petunia would put on the show when the alyssum fizzed out in the heat.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, the alyssum continued to look good once the summer heat kicked in. And in fact, it held its own against the petunia all summer and fall. I never would have believed I’d see an alyssum that put on as big of a show as a Wave petunia!

Snow Princess sports the largest flowers I’ve ever seen on a sweet alyssum, and the most fragrant, too. It looks pretty amazing in a hanging basket all on its own.  It’s definitely a hot new variety for 2010.

2 Responses to “ Hot New Variety ”

  1. Justin, I want some of that new allysum! I just think a “white ” garden is a great theme.

  2. I have discontinue using allysum; as have problems with flea beetles everytime I try using them.

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