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My Mulching Method

mulch3Yankee ingenuity? I’ll show you Yankee Ingenuity! Just watch me clip the shrubs in my yard. For starters, I take a zen-like attitude. That means I’m in no rush to get it done; instead, I enjoy the moment, clipping at a casual pace that allows the mind to wander.  It’s relaxing and even therapeutic.

mulch2By clipping at a casual pace, I also have the time to cut into smaller bits. These bits are then distributed in place—right in the garden—so I have no clean-up to do. The stem fragments simply join in with the rest of the organic mulch. And when I’m clipping redtwig or yellowtwig dogwood, I get an added benefit: color. Note the photos in this story, with a fresh dressing of redtwig dogwood stems.

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