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Snow way out

I saw this interesting little scene this weekend. It’s a courtyard at my church, enclosed on all four sides, but open to the sky, obviously. With all the snow we’ve had recently, it got a little deep in there.

Snowy boxwood

I always tell people, from a gardener’s perspective, that I like snow. That’s because snow cover provides a great deal of insulation to plants. Plants always fare better when they spend the coldest part of the year under a blanket of the white stuff.

But there is one way (at least) that snow can be  pretty tough on plants, and that’s by its sheer weight. The photo here doesn’t need much explanation. They’re boxwoods, smashed up against the glass window. Snow can be heavy, particularly when it melts. It gets heavy and wet, starts to sag, melts and refreezes onto plants, and can tear off branches as the snow pack sinks lower. Something to keep an eye on if you live in a snowy climate.

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