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I’m goin’ to Disneyland!

Just went there, actually. The kids hadn’t been there yet, so it was time to make the trip. For my two young girls infatuated with the six (or is it seven? Can’t remember.) Disney princesses, this was a pilgrimage that had to happen sooner or later. And Space Mountain is the coolest ride ever, even for grownups. Doesn’t matter how old you are—you have to do Space Mountain at least once in your life. Regardless, it was nice to be out of the Midwestern cold, seem some greenery and dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean. A little cold, but hey, any water of the liquid variety is better than what’s  blanketing the landscape here in Iowa.

If you have ever been to a Disney park, you know the emphasis they place on horticulture. Their parks are some of the finest examples of commercial-scale gardens you’ll will see anywhere. This time, what caught my eye was their use of edibles in flowerbeds. Below are a couple of shots I took there, and you can see what an interesting display can be created with herbs and greens. Not as splashy as flowering plants, but lovely all the same.

When February rolls around, take a look at Better Homes and Gardens. It will have a story on using edibles in flowerbeds, which we produced last year. Seeing the Disney plantings made me realize that a lot of folks are starting to think this way. Which is to say, there is no need to think of veggies as something that must grow in a vegetable garden. Grow them where there’s room, and recognize that many veggies and herbs are not half bad looking. Here’s proof.

Kale, sage, rosemary, chard and beets, looking great under citrus trees.

Kale, sage, rosemary, chard and beets, looking great under citrus trees.ere's proof.

Red-leaf mustard, rosemary, and white kale.

Red-leaf mustard, rosemary, and white kale.

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