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Holiday Decor Idea

Looking for an easy way to give your yard an elegant holiday feel? Instead of going crazy with lights, inflatable figures, and some of the other holiday-landscape bling that’s so popular these days, try echoing nature.

One of my favorite holiday elements is snow…so look for ways to create the sense of snowflakes. For example, hang a few wire balls (such as the one shown here) from your trees. Or, make your own versions by cutting and painting snowflake-shape pieces of plastic from milk cartons, old CDs, or other objects.

While it’s not a new idea, you can also do a lot with branches and berries. For example, the bold color of red-twig dogwood really stands out against snow. And there are lots of trees and shrubs with beautiful berries. The fruits do double duty: They look good on their own and may also attract colorful birds.

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