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websueblogAs a garden editor, I get to see pictures of amazing gardens every day at work. Interestingly, one of my favorites has never been published in one of our magazines. Instead, it comes from reader Sue Sikorski in Thunder Bay, Canada.

What’s especially impressive about it is that Sue has a real-world garden… She  designed it herself, and did most of the heavy lifting — from tearing down a dilapidated garage where her future outdoor fireplace would go to planting a wonderfully diverse selection of annuals and perennials in her Zone 3 country-style garden.

Sue has also shared some great lessons about how she’s saved money while creating her garden. For example, a variety of salvaged objects, which she procured from garage sales and even her city’s landfill, act as garden ornaments.

Want to see more? Check out this slideshow – the world premier of her garden and features some “before” photos so you can see what she started with.

You can also chat with Sue on our garden discussion boards (she’s an active member).

7 Responses to “ Get Inspired ”

  1. Love it, Justin! Thanks for sharing Sweet Sue’s gorgeous place. Sue, YOU ROCK!

  2. Her gardens are stunning!!! She deserves this kind of recognition! Great job Sue!!!

  3. Wow! Way to go Sue. Next thing we know you’ll be appearing on daytime television shows and talking about your gardens. Rock!!!!!

  4. Beautiful garden, beautiful pictures! You’ve inspired me Sue!!!

  5. Amazing – we can all say we knew her when…
    The gardens look very natural.

  6. Wow! Just stunning.

  7. Good job SUE!!! Way to go :) You sure worked hard…I can vouch for that, as I am her neighbour blessed by all her lovely work! :)

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