Everyday Gardeners

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This my neighbor, “Wilson,” posing carefully to hide his true identity. His neighbors with snow blowers help him clear his drive and sidewalks, so he reciprocates by helping us shovel steps. I think we get the better part of the deal, frankly. Here he is, tunneling his way to my front door after our 16 inch snow/blizzard last week. Thanks, Wilson!

Snowy door

This is what “gardening” can be like in December. That’s why it’s nice to turn our attention indoors for awhile. Check out the January Better Homes and Gardens, in print now, with my story on easy orchids. Also read the on-line extended version of the story.  Orchids  have a reputation as difficult, temperamental plants. Some are, of course. But not all. Some will thrive in your home as a houseplant.  Take a look and see how easy they can be.

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