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a dog’s life

Sometimes it takes a bird dog to sniff out nature’s undercover secrets. Nothing–not even mucky creek beds, sticky cobwebs, and prickly burs and brambles–can deter Lily, my Golden Retriever, when she’s on the scent trail of a critter. Autumn is her season to shine. With unleashed joy, she noses her way through fields of grass the same golden hue of her hair, as if playing a perpetual game of hide-and-seek in which she’s always the seeker. Yet, Lily’s a team player and pauses frequently to make sure I’m close behind and included in the fun. Had I waded through the frost-covered grasses alone last weekend, I might have focused solely on keeping my footing and uneventfully passed by the flock of pheasants safely slumbering in a thicket of wild plum. But with Lily tagging along, the roosters startled and took flight for fields afar in a spectacular flurry of red heads and multi-colored tail feathers. This weekend, Lily and I will be joined on our walks by Buddy, my good friend’s spirited Golden. Who knows what their Lilytwo noses will turn up?

4 Responses to “ a dog’s life ”

  1. Jane, what a delightful read!!! I could visualize everything and felt that I was walking right along with you and Lily. Thank you.


  2. OMG, what a beautiful animal. I love goldens. You should record that walk in your journal, if you haven’t already.

  3. Thanks, Vera! Nature inspires me to write like nothing else. I’m glad you joined Lily and me on our walk.

  4. Thanks, Karlin. Lily will be four soon, but she still has the energy and curiosity of a puppy. She’s my third Golden. I’m hooked. They’re great companions!

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