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Digging for Dahlias


Bishop of Llandaff dahlia

Every fall, I dread digging and storing summer bulbs such as dahlias and cannas. By summer’s end, many of these plants have developed large, heavy masses of roots that can be a nightmare to wrestle out of the ground. But, with an Iowa winter on the horizon, I know these tender beauties need get moved into our basement as soon as possible. By far, my favorite summer bulb is Bishop of Llandaff dahlia. Besides its brilliant red flowers, this vigorous variety is prized for its eye-catching maroon foliage. It generally grows about 3 feet tall, but for some reason, this year I had some plants that grew almost shoulder high. With a patch of ‘Bronze’ fennel behind them and a bed of ‘Amber’ Flower Carpet roses at their feet, the dahlias were in good company all summer long. Learn more about dahlias or see some of our favorites.

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