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The garden overhead

This is a bittersweet time of year for me. The days grow shorter, frost has killed the summer bounty of flowers and vegetables, and the songbirds are quickly heading south. And, once the final leaf blows clear of the maples and oaks on our farm, our normally colorful landscape shifts to a palette of brown, black and eventually white. I know spring will come again, but I’ve never been good with good byes and bidding farewell to my 2009 garden has been tough to do. But, this past week my youngest son Graham, who is in college studying photography, opened my eyes to the brilliant world that still exists outside my back door. He told me to look up, and enjoy the night sky. Living in California he has to drive many miles to find a place where it’s dark enough to successfully photograph the sky, but on our remote Iowa farmstead, it almost feels like you can reach up and grab the stars. Graham has done a series of “star trail” photographs and looking at them I’m reminded that the spring sky will return eventually and that I should take the time to savor each day, each season.

Stars over Jimerson farm

Stars over Jimerson farm

2 Responses to “ The garden overhead ”

  1. Love this personal piece and the picture of the Jimerson’s stars.

  2. what a stunning picture!!!

    v. campbell

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