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A Spooky Thanksgiving

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

This weekend, while everyone else is celebrating Halloween, my wife Karen and I will be preparing an early Thanksgiving dinner. That’s because our son Graham, who goes to college in California, doesn’t get enough time off from school to fly home for the actual Thanksgiving holiday. But, this year, he was able to come home on an early break, so tomorrow the family will gather at our farmhouse for a traditional turkey dinner. Before heading to the grocery store, I did a quick census of what’s still available in our garden to use in the meal. Even though we’ve already had a snowfall, I discovered that our Swiss chard is in top form, along with a big patch of Brussels sprouts and some herbs. We planted the Brussels sprouts back in April and now each plant is about 3 feet tall and the stems are packed with bright green sprouts. This is the first time we’ve grown them and I’ve heard that their flavor actually improves after frost. I think cooking them should be a lot of fun, getting Graham to eat them might be the bigger challenge.

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  1. I love brussels sprouts! One my fondest childhood memories involves brussel sprouts. My mom used to grow these in her garden and then we forget all about them! Then after the first snow (it comes early in Minnesota) they would peek through the snow. We would pick them and have them for lunch!

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