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Gardening Under the Influence

pup1Finding time to putter in the garden is tougher than I thought with a new puppy. My new Jack Russell, Finch, is a stout and sturdy soul, and at 14 weeks already weighs in at a hefty eleven pounds. He’s sort of long and low, and his fat belly grazes the ground as he scours the front yard garden for crickets and earthworms. We started puppy classes three weeks ago and have not yet mastered the life-saving essentials of stay and come. So fall chores in the garden have taken on an added level of difficulty: Just try raking oak leaves into something resembling a pile with a full-throttle terrier pup on the loose. Sure, my good dog Scout, almost nine years old and steadfast, keeps him in check. But when it came time last weekend to start digging out the Joe Pye weed in my front yard and planting the hundreds of bulbs that were piling up on my front porch, I knew I had to stash the puppy in the house. After all, there’s a fine line between general weekend multitasking and gardening while under the influence of a minor canine.

2 Responses to “ Gardening Under the Influence ”

  1. I love Finch. He is adorable. James, don’t you know that Jack Russell’s are digger dogs. They will dig their way to china if you let them. I owned a JR named Sam, and he loved to jump in the leaves when I’d blow them up into a pile. He also loved to help dig in the garden. He was a good helper, but I know what you mean about having to put them in the house. They are relentless when they go after something. Good luck with your bulb planting, and hey, let Finch dig some of the dirt for you while he’s still a rambunctios puppy. Lover of Jack Russell’s, Karlin

  2. Loved the writing about your puppy and trying to garden. There is nothing like puppies to keep you on your toes but the adorable factor is very high. Thanks for the read.

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