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caught in the web

13444018_largeIt has been raining “cats and dogs” here in the Midwest recently. I’m not sure how this expression came to be, considering the fact that my cat, Max, and dog, Lily, would much rather stay warm and dry in the house on days like these. A lot of people I know are grumbling about the mud, the sloppy fallen leaves, and the difficulty of getting fall garden chores done. Call me crazy, but I view rainy weather as an opportunity to appreciate the finer details that nature offers. Like the way spider webs come into focus when raindrops cling to them. I’ve had a spider residing above my front door all summer. She’s gotten fat on insects invited by the porch light into her orb-shape dining room. Bugs that might otherwise have snacked on me. It would take just a quick whisk of my broom to clear all of the cobwebs from my porch, but I haven’t had the heart to ruin these homespun havens. Besides, it’s almost Halloween. Why should I hang¬† fake spider webbing when I already have authentic arachnid decor?

2 Responses to “ caught in the web ”

  1. I like spiders! I never bother their webs if possible, even the many black widows that are everywhere in my yard. I stay away from them, they stay away from me. Even a spider in the house is carefully caught with a paper towel, and tossed outside.

  2. Glad to hear that you like spiders! They have my respect, which means that I admire them from a safe distance! I agree that they belong outdoors. My son reported seeing many black widows, camel spiders, and tarantulas when he was stationed at Camp Pendleton and the Mojave Desert last summer. Like me, he’s always been intrigued by arachnids!

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