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ultimate brownie cookie

If you are looking for a chocolate fix, here you go. These Ultimate Chocolate Dipped Cookies live up to every single bit of the word “ultimate”. And if you are a brownie fan, you are in for a treat.

Ultimate Chocolate Dipped Cookies | Delish Dish

These cookies have the crisp exterior with a chewy inside. To take it over the top, they’re dipped in chocolate and crushed pretzels for an added kick of saltiness.

Ultimate Chocolate Dipped Cookies | Delish Dish

Of course, you can skip the dip like my boys did or you can  go crazy like my mind did and think about one hundred and one ways to tweak this with dipping it in: flavored ganache, crushed candy, potato chips, all kinds of different nuts or for the ultimate blow-your-mind treat—dip it in caramel then ganache and finish it off with a dip in toasted coconut. The latter is exactly how I’m making this next.

Ultimate Chocolate Dipped Cookies | Delish Dish

Thinks of this cookie as your blank canvas and go crazy! And when you do, come back and let the rest of us know what your tweak is.

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