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Shrimp Nacho Potato Skins

I can’t tell you who is playing in the Super Bowl this weekend because I just don’t know football.  But while I don’t know football, I certainly know game day eats, and these Shrimp Nacho Potato Skins are at the top of the heap.

I LOVE potato skins.  They are the appetizer that keeps on giving; the perfect sized treat for game day parties; and did I mention they are also so delicious?  Seriously what can go wrong when you pile incredible ingredients on a potato boat?  Absolutely nothing.

Shrimp Nacho Potato Skins

When I saw the Nacho Potato Skins recipe, a modern take on classic potato skins, on, I knew I had to make them.  However I wanted to add shrimp.  Why you ask?  Because who doesn’t love shrimp?  I admit I am going through a phase right now where shrimp added to any and everything makes it so much better.  I was right on the money with these.

Shrimp Nacho Potato Skins

I simply made the following addition:

  • I made the recipe as is according to the instructions.
  • While the potato skins were broiling, I sauteed 3/4 of a pound of shrimp in a couple tablespoons of olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and a bit of taco seasoning to taste.
  • When the potato skins were done, I piled on my ingredients of diced tomatoes, green onions and sauteed shrimp and enjoyed!

These are quite delicious and highly addictive.  I think they are the perfect score for your Superbowl party this weekend!

Gina from Skinnytaste here, excited to share this easy appetizer recipe that my husband LOVED!

This recipe is really simple, I almost followed the recipe exact with a few exceptions. I used part skim mozzarella instead of fresh mozzarella which I shredded, and I reduced the amount of mozzarella to 2 ounces instead of the 3 ounces the recipe calls for.

The recipe starts with frozen puff pastry which you cut into 9 circles and bake until golden and puffed.

Then you top it with parmesan cheese, mozzarella and tomato and bake until hot. Finish with basil and you have yourself these delicious mini tarts that taste like little pizzas. Perfect appetizer for the Superbowl, you can easily double it for more servings – enjoy!

To see the full Tomato and Mozzarella Tart Recipe, Click Here.


I made a big batch of these Butternut Quesadillas recently for a party, and they were a hit! They’d be perfect for a Superbowl Party. I started with this BHG recipe for Avocado Quesadillas, but swapped the avocado out for roasted, mashed butternut squash. I found that with the squash, you didn’t need quite as much cheese, and it was still moist and delicious! I made them ahead of time and kept them warm in the oven, which worked great.

I use a potato peeler to remove the rind from the squash, which makes things much quicker. Then you can just slice it up and remove the seeds. I cut the squash into cubes (about 1 inch) and spread them out on a cookie sheet. Drizzle liberally with olive oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast them at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until a fork goes in easily and they are a bit browned. When they come out, mash them in a bowl with a fork.

Just spread about 2 tablespoons of mashed butternut squash onto a tortilla (I used corn). Then sprinkle with cheese (I used Manchego like in the BHG recipe, but anything works!), and a pinch of fresh thyme. Cover with another tortilla and heat in a skillet until the cheese melts, flipping once. Stack the quesadillas in a warm oven until it’s time to eat. I cut them right before serving, and top each with a dollop of sour cream and/or salsa.


By Erin Gleeson of The Forest Feast, a blog and forthcoming cookbook full of simple recipe and entertaining ideas inspired by living in a cabin in the woods.


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