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Hello there! My name is Megan and I blog over at With Salt and Wit. Just a girl living on the edge of boredom and chaos with a salty wit and healthy sweet tooth. I am the artist of my kitchen with a serious passion for creating healthier meals without compromising flavor. As a long time reader of Better Homes and Gardens, I’m excited to have been invited to share a recipe with you! While all their recipes have been hits around our house, I need all the gardening tips I can get! So I am all ears, BHG! 

Well, one of my favorite days has come; the first day of spring! We made it. Not only are there warmers days on the horizon, the trees start blooming once again and I start to crave fruity, light desserts that are inspired by my weekend trips to the farmers market.

When I spied this Berry Tart with Lemon Cookie Crust, I knew I had to make it. Those ruby red berries, tart blueberries all atop a citrusy cookie crust, it is my dream dessert!

The original recipe called for plain Greek fat-free yogurt, but I opted for a vanilla Greek yogurt as another layer of flavor is always a good idea! Plus vanilla only deepens the flavor of the lemon and berries, without being overly sweet.

This dessert has spring get together’s written all over it. It’s ideal to make ahead, then put on display for everyone to ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ over. With the ease of this recipe and my extreme love of all lemon desserts, this Berry Tart made all my cookie dreams come true!

Check out the full recipe for the Berry Tart with Lemon Cookie Crust here.

These whole wheat chocolate strawberry scones are hearty and delicious!

Happy New Year Delish Dish Readers!! My name is Zainab and I am excited to join the wonderful contributor team here on Delish Dish creating recipes for you every month. I blog over at Blahnik Baker, a dessert and baking blog where I share easy and elegant desserts for the everyday baker.

As a self-taught baker, Better Homes and Garden has always been a trusted partner in my kitchen. From my favorite BHG Bridal Edition Cookbook to the online recipes and seasonal publications, I love how easy BHG recipes are and the fact that they always turn out great. Both of which are key for a beginning home baker trying to build confidence in the kitchen. I can always create new family favorites like these Whole Wheat Chocolate Strawberry Scones.

These whole wheat chocolate strawberry scones are hearty and delicious!

As we are starting the New Year with resolutions and intentions, I know eating healthier is on the top of everyone’s list and getting more whole grains and fruits in our diets is one way to start. These chocolate scones are made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, Greek yogurt and dark chocolate chunks. I adapted the original recipe found here by using Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream and added in some fresh strawberries and coconut flakes. The yogurt keeps the scones soft and moist and the coconut flakes add some crunch and a slight tropical flavor which is great with dark chocolate. You can make this recipe dairy-free by using a dairy-free butter like Earth Balance and dairy-free yogurt to accommodate family members with food sensitivities.

These whole wheat chocolate strawberry scones are hearty and delicious!

The scones are delicious warm as the melted dark chocolate and strawberries make for a juicy, hearty scone. These are perfect with a cup of tea in the morning or an afternoon snack. I hope you enjoy them!

Here are the slight changes I made to the original recipe:

Use ¾ cup Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream

Add in ¼ cup toasted unsweetened coconut flakes

Use 8 ounces dark chocolate, chopped in chunks

Fold in 1/3 cup fresh strawberries, roughly chopped

Honey-Sweetened Strawberry Gelato

The past two weeks, we’ve been fortunate enough to make it to the farmer’s market before the local strawberries have sold out. They are only available where we live for a very short window and we try to buy as many as we can each time we see them. And while we love to eat them fresh and straight out of the container, we also love to turn them into a super creamy and naturally sweet Strawberry Gelato.

Fresh local strawberries

My family loves ice cream and it’s definitely our summer treat of choice. We love to go to our local soft serve stand, but for special occasions, I like to make a batch at home. This gelato seemed like a great dessert to end my birthday pizza party with friends.

Since the last batch of berries we had from the farmer’s market were incredibly sweet on their own, this dessert didn’t need the full amount of sugar called for in the original recipe. And to make it a little more kid-friendly—and because I prefer the flavor—I swapped in 1/2 cup honey. I also halved the recipe since my ice cream maker only fits 1 quart, but that adjustment still made plenty to feed our small dinner party of four adults and two kids. I also added in a squeeze of fresh lemon juice as the mixture was churning to perk up the flavor a bit. I strongly suggest you do that step since it makes the final product taste that much more refreshing.

Fresh local eggs

You will have to make a simple custard to make this recipe, but if you take it slowly and embrace the sort of Zen-like nature of constant stirring, it’s actually enjoyable. (Do not multitask when doing that step—you really, really don’t want the mixture to stick to the bottom of your pan or burn. And as long as you don’t leave the stove area, it won’t!)

fresh strawberry gelato

I made the mixture the day before I planned to serve it and let it chill fully in the fridge overnight. The next morning, I let my ice cream maker do its thing and the gelato rested in the fridge until dessert time. It was a huge hit with both my family and our friends. This gelato has an intense strawberry flavor, a hint of citrus from the lemon, and plenty of creamy texture to make it totally satisfying. I dare say that might just be a perfect summer dessert for the family.

Find the original recipe for Strawberry Gelato here.

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, which means summer will be in full swing before you know it!

Strawberry Tropical Swirly Smoothies

Like many of you, I will be cranking up the grill for the first time this year getting my barbecue on. I’ve got all of my recipes ready and prepped to go, which include these Strawberry Tropical Swirly Smoothies.

I am such a big fan of smoothies (in fact I consider myself a bit of a smoothie guru). There isn’t a drink more refreshing, healthy and delicious in my opinion. I drink one smoothie per day. It is usually my breakfast of choice because of its fast ease and convenience. When the weather begins to change, so do my selections of smoothies. I adore making them with whatever is in season, which is why I opted for this strawberry flavor.

Strawberry Tropical Swirly Smoothies

Looking on BHG’s website, I ran into these fun Raspberry-Citrus Swirly Smoothies that looked so awesome! The swirl of different flavors was such a genius idea. I decided to change the flavors to strawberry, pineapple and coconut.

One of my favorite tropical drinks is the Lava Flow, which is a mix of pina colada and strawberry flavors. This smoothie definitely brings all of those exciting flavors together seamlessly. To create this recipe for yourself, simply make the following small changes to the recipe:

  • Replace the raspberries with strawberries.
  • Add 1/2-3/4 cup frozen pineapple to the smoothie base (go up to 1 cup if you really love pineapple).
  • Replace some of the vanilla yogurt with a coconut flavor.
  • Add a bit more liquid like cold water or even coconut milk if it is harder to blend due to the addition of pineapple.

Strawberry Tropical Swirly Smoothies

The end result is a smoothie recipe that makes you think you are on a tropical island lounging by the beach. The flavor is intense without being overwhelming, and these drinks are the perfect beverages to serve on a hot day by the grill. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day filled with some fun in the sun. One thing’s for sure: I will certainly make a couple of these to have on deck all holiday weekend.

I don’t think I have ever gone a Spring without strawberry shortcake.


Delicious Strawberry Shortcakes with Strawberry Biscuits

If I have, I certainly can’t remember it. It makes sense that I would bury the sad memory of going without it. There is something about strawberry shortcake that screams Springtime! It announces Spring’s arrival in the loveliest of ways, and puts a smile on the faces of the many that enjoy it during the season.

Last year, I made this Shortcake Twist but I needed something new this year. Finding BHG’s recipe for Strawberry Shortcakes was a sign. I found it on the first day of Spring. The recipe called out for me to make it so I happily obliged. This recipe is really an amazing feat on its own but I decided to add a small twist to the traditional shortcake biscuit. I added bits of strawberry chunks throughout the dough, which resulted in a fantastic surprise of berry bursts throughout.

Delicious Strawberry Shortcakes Made with Strawberry Biscuits

I simply made the following changes to the original recipe:

  • I replaced the sour cream with Greek yogurt, and the result was wonderful.
  • I added 3/4 cup of thinly chopped strawberries tossed in 1/2 teaspoon of flour to the biscuit batter.

Delicious Strawberry Shortcakes with Strawberry Biscuits

That’s it! I absolutely adored the addition of the berries to the biscuits. I could eat one on its own as a snack but it was even better when topped with whipped cream and beautiful berries. This shortcake is the dessert that keeps on giving. You might be on strawberry overload in the end, but that’s a good thing (trust me). I can’t think of a better dessert to properly celebrate the arrival of Spring.

One thing my mom used to do is make muffins on the weekend and then we’d have yummy treats for breakfast all week! I’m sharing some of my favorite muffin recipes for you to munch on all week!

I’m a huge fan of any breakfast food that can double as a dessert, like these Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins from Little Sweet Baker!

What’s more classic than a blueberry muffin? A Vanilla Blueberry Muffin recipe! Combine the best flavors of breakfast with Will Cook for Smiles!

I’m a huge fan of Add a Pinch. I can’t wait to try these Cinnamon Apple Muffins! The cinnamon and sugar combine for a great, crunchy crust!

Rasa Malaysia‘s Glazed Doughnut Muffins recipe combines two of my favorite breakfast treats: muffins and donuts! Yum yum yum!

To quote Jenna Maroney from 30 Rock, “The best part of the muffin is the top.” Start your day with a fruity treat from Nibbles and Feasts. These California Strawberry Muffin Tops look insane!

What’s your favorite way to eat a muffin? Are you a nibbler or a picker?

Let me know!


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