Grace Wenzel

Friday Finds 5.9

Happy Spring from the Better Homes and Gardens offices! Everyone here is thrilled to finally see flowers blooming in our test gardens and feel like we can finally shed our winter coats. I’m sharing some of my favorite springtime recipes from our community of bloggers this week. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

I love practically all of foodiecrush‘s recipes and this Sauteed Chicken with Olives, Capers and Lemons promises to be a great spring-y dinner for the whole family!

With graduation parties galore on the horizon, these Ice Cream Cookie Cups from Sugar & Cloth is the perfect dessert for all of your guests!

As the temperature heats up, my coffee taste tends to go towards the cooler. I’m so glad Add A Pinch gave me some great step by step instructions on how to Perfectly Cold Brew Coffee.

Weekends mean pizza! Love & Olive Oil brings the flavor in this incredible Goat Cheese and Brussels Sprout Skillet Pizza. Can’t wait to try it!

Cook Like A Champion blends great textures and flavors in a pasta dish that will make you the star at your next potluck. Give this Southwest Pasta with Poblano Cream Sauce a try!

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Grace Wenzel, Social Media Editorial Assistant



Grace Wenzel

Friday Finds 4.25

Happy Friday from a sunshiny Better Homes and Gardens headquarters! Spring fever has swept through the office and we are thrilled to see that our blogger friends feel the same way. Enjoy these great spring recipes!

I love adding fruit to salads. It makes them light and flavorful! You’ll adore this Strawberry, Avocado & Asiago Spring Salad from Family Fresh Cooking.

Boulder Locavore is making my mouth water with these Costa Rican Watermelon Mojito Popsicles. I can’t wait to try them at my next picnic!

I’ve always joked that instead of a wedding cake I’ll have a wedding pie, so I’m always open to new pie recipes. Crazy for Crust brings bright, sunny flavor with this Lime Curd Pie recipe.

How about this BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad from Damn Delicious? Yum-o!

Bring your favorite spring flavors to breakfast time with these Strawberry Key Lime Scones from Will Cook for Smiles.

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Grace Wenzel, Social Media Editorial Assistant

BHG Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger: Grandbaby Cakes

Hi everyone, I’m Jocelyn, the blogger, recipe developer and photographer at Grandbaby Cakes!  I am so honored to guest blog for BHG’s Delish Dish today!  If there was any magazine that was front and center in my home growing up, it was definitely Better Homes and Gardens.  I’ve got a great Strawberry Shortcake Tiramisu to share!


On Grandbaby Cakes, I love sharing unique twists on traditional recipes that have been passed down from my grandmother.  One of my Big Mama’s (grandmother) vintage recipes I simply adored indulging in was strawberry shortcake.  In fact, I celebrate my birthday each year with one.  When spring finally surfaces and gorgeous bright berries are in season, I get excited to make one of my own from scratch.


For this post, I knew I wanted to update this classic universally loved dessert, and when I saw this wonderful tiramisu recipe in the BHG recipe archives, I was sold.  I am the biggest fan of tiramisu.  Since my trip to Italy last year, I have tried recreating this dessert in every way possible on my blog.  From banana pudding tiramisu to even cookie dough tiramisu, I have tried it all but I knew a Spring remix was just what the doctor ordered to take this dish over the edge.  Strawberry shortcake tiramisu is perfect for Easter, spring entertaining or your last course for any Sunday dinner.


The original BHG version was already such a wonderful recipe so I didn’t have to make many changes to create the impact I wanted.

  • I replaced the original angel food cake with ladyfingers to provide more of a classic tiramisu taste.
  • I added two teaspoons of seedless strawberry jam and a couple drops of red food coloring to the cream cheese mixture.  It turned this super cute pink color and the jam added just the perfect hint of additional strawberry flavor I needed.


  • I also omitted the sour cream from the remaining whipped cream.  I wanted the whipped cream to shine when paired with the fresh strawberry slices mascerated in a couple of tablespoons of granulated sugar and lime juice.

After 12 long and patient hours, I finally had my first bite.


And then my second…. and third.


Honestly, it took a lot for me to walk away from another slice of this at 9 in the morning.  I have never had such a delightful tiramisu, and the nostalgia of my childhood came flooding back.  This dessert is a great reminder of the vintage strawberry shortcake recipe I enjoyed as a kid but with an adult flair.  I have no doubt that this dessert would become a favorite of yours as well.


To see the full recipe and instructions, click HERE!  Happy Baking!


BHG Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger: The Comfort of Cooking

Well, hello there! Georgia from The Comfort of Cooking here to bring you a fresh, delicious weeknight-friendly spin on traditional pizzas with pita bread, tomatoes, olives and parsley. Pile those all on top of a quick ‘n easy homemade meat sauce, feta and mozzarella, and dinner is served! Doesn’t feta just make it bettah?

Anyway, onto the good stuff…

In my house, we’re always looking for light and easy recipes to carry us throughout the week. The criteria? Big flavor, but no fuss and no big messes to clean up. Enter these Greek Pita Pizzas from BHG’s archive of delicious recipes!

These pita pizzas were fabulous – packed with fresh Mediterranean flavors, simple to make, and so darn pretty to look at. They were just the easy, healthy dose of color and flavor we’ve been needing to add to our dinnertime routine!

What I love about this recipe is how adaptable it is, too! For the sauce, you can use whatever ground meat you like (including lamb, turkey, chicken, or even Italian sausage), or just omit it altogether for veggie-friendly pizzas. And, if you’re really pressed for time, just use a store bought pizza sauce as your base.

If you ask me, though, the sauce really makes these scrumptious pizzas worthwhile! Don’t even get me started on the aroma as it bubbles on the stovetop. Pure comfort.

For weeknights that call for fast, fresh and easy, a batch of Greek Pita Pizzas is the perfect choice. I can’t wait to have friends over for dinner on our deck this spring, where I’ll serve up these pizzas! With a big green salad and a glass of chilled white wine, these would make such an ideal al fresco meal. Even if you’re dining indoors, these colorful and delicious pizzas can’t help giving you that sunshine-y feeling!

Grab yourself some pitas, fresh veggies, cheese and olives, and give these pita pizzas a go this weekend. I know you’ll absolutely love them – we sure did!

Kristin Porter

Fire Up the Grill: Chilean Style Hot Dogs with Avocado-Chili Relish

Although the Midwest received enough snow last week to cancel schools and build a new army of snowmen, they’ve all but surrendered to the sun, and warmer weather is our forecast for the foreseeable future. Why, I think we’ve finally turned the corner into spring!

(By the way, that is the 50th and final time I will be making that proclamation this year, mmkay, Mother Nature?!)

Anyway, I got in one good grilling session before the weather turned on us last week, and tried out a perfect grilling recipe for spring – Chilean Style Hot Dogs with Avocado-Chili Relish. Translation, grilled hot dogs with spicy avocado salsa, y’all!

There’s nothing I like better than firing up the grill on a warm spring evening, getting something sizzling on the grill, and then serving it up with a chilled, homemade salsa. Something about that fresh burst of flavor goes so well with a charbroiled grill offering – especially hot dogs.

I don’t turn to hot dogs too often in the fall and winter months, but they always seem to call when the grill gets going. There are tons of healthier options out there these days made without preservatives and with grass-fed beef, too. I really like Applegate’s Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dogs. They get me all fired up! (Sorry, had to.)

Anyway, back to this dish – I loved the way the salty, smoky hot dog tasted with this cool and spicy Avocado-Chili Relish, made with fresh jalapeno, lime juice, cilantro, tomato, and one of my current obsessions – avocados.

Lately I’ve been finding any and every excuse to work tropical-tasting, creamy avocados into my day. From whipping up Lazy Girl’s Guacamole for a snack (mashed avocado with a squeeze of lime juice plus salt and pepper,) to topping sandwiches and toast with a few slices, and including a quarter or half in my morning smoothies, avocados add a rich and nutritious boost to many of my favorite foods, and are so versatile.

Tip: There are a number of ways you can get the flesh of an avocado out of its dark green jacket, but my favorite method is to cut around the pit and twist to separate, then simply peel the skin off.


If hot dogs just aren’t your thing, this sassy salsa would pair really well with grilled chicken or a firm, grill-worthy-fish like salmon or mahi mahi. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Enjoy!

Click here for the Chilean Style Hot Dogs with Avocado-Chili Relish recipe >

Lisa Appleton

Sunday Strata

Hi all! It’s Lisa Appleton, Associate Editor with special interest media here again. It’s finally spring! I couldn’t be happier, but you should know a few things about me before I go any further. 1) I LOVE breakfast foods. I will make breakfast food any time of the day, but I always go out of my way to make something fun on Sunday mornings. 2) Asparagus is my favorite vegetable. Every spring when it’s back in season, I just can’t get enough. I will always go out of my way to find new ways to use asparagus.

It’s a wonder it even took me this long into the season to combine the two, but last Sunday I did just that. I had some asparagus on hand and some asiago garlic French bread I didn’t end up using for another recipe last week. I immediately thought of our Ham-Asparagus and Cheese Strata. In case you don’t know, strata is a layered breakfast casserole that typically has day-old bread, eggs, and cheese with any meat or vegetables of your choosing. It turns out like a savory bread pudding.

I went straight to bhg.com and found this recipe for Ham-Asparagus and Cheese Strata.  I had a three-cheese blend of shredded cheese, so I used that instead of the Gruyere it suggests. The only other element I was missing was ham. I had Canadian bacon and didn’t want to run to the store, so I substituted that too.

Not only was it delicious, it was also super easy to make. Asparagus is pretty simple to cook with. Just remember to snap off and discard the woody base of the spears by bending them. The spears can be cooked whole, but this recipe required chopping into 2-inch pieces. After you’ve chopped the rest your ingredients, blanch the asparagus for just a few minutes, and layer everything in a greased baking dish. Blanching is a cooking technique. Vegetables are cooked in boiling water for just a few minutes and immediately cooled in an ice bath to stop the cooking. It brings out the bright green color in asparagus. Whisk up some eggs and milk to pour over the dish, and you’re nearly finished.

This might be the best part. Strata is at its best when it’s chilled overnight. You don’t have to bother making this in the morning before a fun brunch with your friends or family. Prepare it up to this point and chill it overnight. In the morning, baking is easy. After 30 minutes, take it out of the oven to quickly add the six eggs to the top and then it’s right back in until it’s finished. This would make a great dish for Mother’s Day! You’ll spend more time with your Mom and less time in the kitchen on her special day.

In my mind, there is no better vegetable in spring than asparagus. This was perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast, and it’s already on my list to make again.

Get the recipe for Ham-Asparagus and Cheese Strata.

Get more information on cooking with asparagus, and more of our best asparagus recipes. Planning something special for Mother’s Day? Check out our favorite brunch recipes.