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easy blueberry scones

We’ve started a new Sunday baking tradition in my house and it’s something I look forward to all week. Around mid-morning, my daughter and I bake a treat—usually muffins or doughnuts—to have for our morning snack and to stash away for the rest of the week. This past weekend we made a version of these Strawberry Cream Scuffins, using blueberries, and loved every bite.

The “scuffins” are a cross between a muffin and a scone, so they have the slightly crunch texture of a scone, but are easily baked in a muffin tin. And they are low in added sugar and get most of their flavor from the fruit (and okay, some butter), which is plentiful and full of freshness. They also have a really fun pocket of jam tucked into the center of each, making them a little bit more special than at first glance.

cooling scones

In addition to swapping out the strawberries for frozen blueberries (and the strawberry jam for blueberry), I made just one other change to the recipe: I mixed up the dough in the food processor since that machine does such a great job at pulsing butter into flour. I just pulsed the butter into the dry ingredients until it was broken up, then I added the butter and pulsed again until the dough started to clump together. After dumping it out into a bowl, I stirred in the blueberries. I did find that it was easier to use my hands to fill the muffin cups—the dough clumps are easier to work with that way—but otherwise, it was a very easy recipe that delivered on bakery-quality scones.

muffin tin scones

I do admit that my daughter mostly wanted to eat the blueberries out of her scone, but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy her little fruit-based treasure hunt. We paired these with milk (for her) and some decaf coffee for me and will definitely be making these again. (Maybe even for Easter!)

Get the original recipe for Strawberry Cream Scuffins right here.

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 I was going through my pantry the other day trying to seek a little organization when I came across an almost full cornmeal container. Why was it so full? Because I only use cornmeal for cornbread. And when do I make cornbread? Whenever I make some chili.

Clearly it’s been a while since my family has eaten chili.

And cleaned out my pantry, apparently. Umm….anyways….

I headed to in hopes to find a different way to use my neglected cornmeal and boy did I find a winning recipe!

I found a fabulous recipe for Cornmeal-Blueberry Scones. They seemed pretty simple to whip up, but the recipe called for lime zest and juice! A little unexpected, but definitely turned out to be the hero of this treat! The zest adds such a light and fresh flavor and the juice made the glaze tangy and delicious! I loved these and so did my husband’s co-workers!

My daughter wasn’t a big fan of the tangy glaze, so she opted for butter on hers which ended up tasting pretty good too! Duh.

Butter + anything = amazingness.

If you’d like to try these Cornmeal-Blueberry Scones out at home {which you totally should}, click here for the printable recipe.


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