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rum caramel sauce

One of the great things about BHG’s recipe index, is it provides a lot of basic recipes that can be used as building blocks. For this recipe, I started with this easy-to-make bread pudding found here. From there, I swapped out the french bread for cinnamon rolls that I cut into 1/4 inch slices and toasted. Next I decided to pair it with the caramel sauce found in this recipe, but I had to swap out the bourbon for rum, since rum is what I had on hand.

And yes, it would have been perfectly great just to slice and serve it like that, but I’m already thinking ahead to the holidays and wanted to try this as a trifle. I’m not exactly sure what it is about trifles—but I love them—maybe it’s the layered look, maybe it’s the individualized preparation and serving.

Whatever it maybe for you, make this. Because it’s not going to matter if you layer it in a trifle or slice, serve and then top it with whipped cream, your guests will probably only care about the taste. And let me say, the taste does not fail, the cinnamon rolls as the bread pairs beautifully with the caramel rum and whipped cream.

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