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Pumpkin pie (and bread, and cookies, and bars) are timeless desserts that have been gobbled up by holiday guests for years. But this year, bloggers are mixing things up. These pumpkin-flavored treats are anything but typical.

Grown-up kids’ snack. These Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts are the perfect to-go breakfast or snack. Plus, the pastries, from Cooking Classy, can be made in advance and frozen—perfect to serve to overnight guests during the holidays.

Sophisticated sweet. Feasting On Fruit’s Vegan Pumpkin Crème Brulee is both elegant and delicious–great for an upscale holiday party. Besides pumpkin puree, the main ingredient is hemp tofu, which makes the custard super silky.

Good for gifting. Wine and Glue combines egg-free cookie dough with pumpkin puree and coat with melted chocolate to make this Pumpkin Cookie Dough Bark. It’s even easier (and yummier) than it looks!

Early-morning treat. Baked Pumpkin French Toast Casserole from Chew Out Loud is packed full of pumpkin spice. And because this mouthwatering marvel is French toast, yes, you can definitely eat it for breakfast.

Layers of goodness. Sure, this dessert from Beyond Frosting, make look somewhat similar to pumpkin pie. But Pumpkin Pie Lasagna, with its layers of graham crackers, pumpkin mousse, and whipped cream, is unlike any pie you’ve had before.

Party favorite. Oh, Sweet Basil’s no-bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip is great for holiday potlucks. For a sweet-and-salty contrast, serve with pretzels. Or for a slightly healthier twist, slice up some apples.

Bite-size confections. Impress guests by setting out bowls of homemade candy. With only six ingredients, these White Chocolate Pumpkin Cups, from OMG Chocolate Desserts, are much easier to make than they appear.

Slice of Pumpkin Cornbread

It’s full-on pumpkin season and even if you don’t like it in all of your baked goods at this time of year, it’s a great idea to add pumpkin to your cornbread. Not only does it add moisture and a subtle sweetness, but it also adds a nice dose of Vitamin A. Oh: Pumpkin Cornbread is also super delicious!

full pan of baked Pumpkin Cornbread

We love cornbread with chili (or any soup, really), and I typically make the same recipe again and again. This new-to-me recipe for Pumpkin Cornbread helped me stretch out of my comfort zone a bit and still serve up something that my family loved. I made just a few changes to this recipe both to bump up the nutrition a bit and based on our preferences. Here’s what I did.

  • I used whole milk yogurt instead of sour cream for the same moisture but a little more protein and tang.
  • I omitted the pumpkin pie spice since I thought that might throw my daughter for an unnecessarily loop at the dinner table. (Though if you love all things pumpkin, go for it!)
  • I warmed the 2 tablespoons of butter in the skillet while the oven was warming. When you add the batter to a very hot pan of butter, it helps the edges to get crispy and delicious.

Sliced Skillet Pumpkin Cornbread

This cornbread baked up beautifully in our large cast iron skillet—though I went about 5 minutes longer than the recipe said—and it was the perfect match for Sweet Potato and Black Bean Stew. It is a pretty delicate bread though, so try to let it cool for a bit before you slice it in the pan to help it hold together. We drizzled ours with some local honey and ate the leftover slices with poached eggs the next morning. I’ve already added this cornbread recipe to my meal plan for the day after Thanksgiving and I’m quite sure that we’ll enjoy it throughout the colder months.

Find the full recipe for Pumpkin Cornbread here.

I feel like this recipe was made for me. It’s quick, easy and is loaded with the perfect pumpkin flavor that I crave.

The original recipe for the Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars starts with a pre-mixed oatmeal cookie crust, but I did not have a packet of oatmeal cookie mix at home, so I decided to make my own. I couldn’t tell you what I liked better, because both the crust and the filling are equally good.

These Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars are mouthwatering! The oatmeal cookie crust is the perfect compliment to the filling!

This dessert combines my two favorite things: pumpkin and cheesecake. I’ve been chomping at the bit to try a pumpkin cheesecake and this was a great way to get my feet wet. Of course it was dangerous for me to have these in my house all weekend, so I gifted them to a few of my friends and they were super excited. ­

I prepared the crust with a mixture of quick oats (3 cups), brown sugar (1 cup), flour (1/2 cup) and butter (3/4 cup). Press cold butter into the dry ingredients until it forms a dough like consistency. The crust is pressed into the bottom of the pan and pre-baked to prevent it from getting soggy. I constantly found myself cutting off the edges of these bars so I could eat the crust!

These Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars are mouthwatering! The oatmeal cookie crust is the perfect compliment to the filling!

The filling is fairly simple, combining cream cheese with pumpkin, eggs, sugar and spices. Instead of covering these with a layer of chocolate, I decided to drizzle white chocolate on top and each bar is garnished with a pecan. I just melted 2 ounces of white chocolate chips together with 2 teaspoons of heavy whipping cream and stirred it until smooth. You can simply drizzle the white chocolate over the bars with a fork or spoon.

These Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars are mouthwatering! The oatmeal cookie crust is the perfect compliment to the filling!

Can you believe I don’t have a pumpkin cheesecake recipe on my site?? I’ve got tons of pumpkin recipes like Pumpkin S’mores Poke Cake, Caramel Pumpkin Pie Bars and Pumpkin Cream Pie Cookie Cups. Since cheesecake is my favorite dessert and pumpkin is most definitely a favorite flavor, this dessert is like a match made in heaven. Be sure to check out the recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars for your next holiday party!

Hooray for veggie noodles! Or would voodles be the more correct term? Anyway, these noodles are full of color, flavor and most importantly fun! These nutritious noodles are made from fresh fruits and veggies.

Here are three reasons why you should include veggie noodles in your diet:

1. Low in Calorie

2. Higher in Fiber

3. Gluten Free


When it comes to veggie noodles, the sky really is the limit. There are countless options, combinations and recipes to enjoy. You just have to start with one! In the spirit of trying new things, take a look at my top 10 veggie noodle recipes to make this summer.


Possibly one of the most popular veggie noodles, the zoodle (zucchini noodle) pairs beautifully with classic Italian dishes. Smitten Studio‘s Zucchini Pasta with Mint-Pea Pesto recipe hits the nail on the head.



I don’t know if I could think of anything better than having a warm cup of chicken noodle soup right about now. Many thank-you’s to The Brewer and The Baker for your healthy and comforting Chicken Zoodle Soup recipe.


Currently oohing and aahing over the rich vibrant colors in this delightful dish. Check out the recipe (Purple Cauliflower Thai Green Coconut Curry with Carrot Noodles) at Inspiralized.



Granted, pumpkin is technically a fruit, but this recipe was just too good to pass up! Minimalist Baker‘s Homemade Pumpkin Pasta takes comfort food to a whole new level.


Inspiralized does it again! This Caprese Beet Noodle Pasta looks simply exquisite!



Serve The Kitchen McCabe‘s Butternut Squash Ravioli with Rosemary Browned Butter at any weekday luncheon. Your guests will be begging for the recipe after the first few bites.



Eat Drink Paleo‘s Show Off Paleo Lasagna is how you WANT homemade lasagna to taste.



Beyond Ramen‘s Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage and Brown Butter gives your grandma’s age old recipe a run for its money.



With The First MessSpaghetti Squash Noodle Bowl + Lime Peanut Sauce recipe, you won’t need store-bought pasta.


I hope you enjoy making your noodles, zoodles, boodles and coodles (that was a mouthful wasn’t it?)!


Happy Friday, friends! I hope you are all recovering nicely from Thanksgiving and are getting all geared up for the holiday season! Today, I thought I’d share with you some truly beautiful, eye-catching, and delicious holiday drinks which are sure to keep all of your guests pleased. Here are five of my favorite blogger-inspired holiday drink recipes!

I found this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe how incredible it looked! Baked Bree brings all of the best holiday flavors in this crazy-good Jingle Juice! She describes it as a citrus sangria, yum!

Eggnog is a pretty polarizing flavor. You love it or you hate it. I tend to love, so these Eggnog Shooters from Hostess with the Mostest are the perfect way to get that eggnog flavor without committing to a whole cup!

Gimme Some Oven was on Delish Dish this summer for her “Month of Drinks” feature and I just needed to bring her back with these insane Cranberry Margaritas! The perfect holiday twist on a classic cocktail recipe!

“If you love the buttery sweet flavor of white chocolate, the spicy heartiness of pumpkin, and the luscious decadence that is whipped cream and caramel (and booze – two kinds, pick your poison), then this is thee fall drink for you.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, Minimalist Baker. You guys will love trying this Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate.

Time to cozy up with a cocktail based on a favorite holiday cookie! Try this Snickerdoodle Martini from By Dawn Nicole for a dessert and a drink!

I’ll take “maybe just a half a drink more” of all these delicious holiday cocktails! Share your favorite recipes in the comments!




When I saw this No-Bake Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake on the BHG website, I thought it looked most delicious. It also had the added bonus of requiring no oven time. Since my friends here at BHG asked that I give the recipes I’m sharing in the month of November a bit of Southern flair, I thought a nice twist would be to change the crust to vanilla wafers crumbs and add a layer of praline pecans.  Pecans are our beloved nut of choice in the South and pralines are immediately identified as a historic Southern confection.  Pralines are candy clusters comprised of buttery caramelized sugar and nuts.  Originating in Louisiana they have a rich history  that dates back to the 1700′s.  Different versions of praline candy have been rotating through Southern kitchens, bakeries and candy stores ever since.



Keeping with the no-bake concept I whipped up the praline pecans in the microwave.  Instead of adding them into the crust, I chose to sprinkle them on top of the crust adding a surprise layer of decadence and crunch. It provides a very tasty twist to a perfect make-ahead Thanksgiving dessert.  I’ll show you  how I did that, then follow the recipe for the cheesecake filling in the original recipe on BHG here.


Ingredients needed for the Vanilla Wafer Crust and Praline Pecans:

For the Praline Pecans:

2 Tbsp butter

1 Tbsp heavy cream

3 Tbsp brown sugar

1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/8 tsp salt

2/3 cup pecan pieces

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

For the crust:

1 cup vanilla wafer crumbs

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

3 Tbsp butter, melted


To make the Praline Pecans:  [Cooking time is based on an 1000 watt microwave]

In a medium size microwave safe bowl, melt together the butter and heavy cream for  35-45 seconds.  Add the brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice and salt.  Stir until dissolved.  Return to the microwave and continue to cook on high for 1 minute.

The mixture will be very hot, remove carefully from the microwave.  Add  the pecan pieces and stir well.  Return to the microwave and cook on high for  1 minute.


Add the vanilla and stir until the pecans are evenly coated.  Spread on wax paper to cool.  When cooled, break apart into pieces.


To make the crust, sift together the vanilla wafer crumbs, pumpkin pie spice and melted butter until fully moistened.   Press into the bottom of an 8-inch springform pan and chill.  Sprinkle the praline pecans over the crust then proceed with the filling as directed here using half & half in place of the milk and orange juice needed for the filling.


About Melissa: 

Melissa Sperka is the Publisher, recipe developer and photographer of the blog Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen. Her blog focuses on creating homemade family-style meals, snacks and desserts as well as many classic Southern favorites. Melissa lives in North Carolina and is a busy Mom to 2 boys.  She is passionate about sharing her love of cooking, baking and entertaining. After winning the National Flour Power! contest, she also gained national attention with her blue ribbon “Nested Potato Skins” featured in Southern Living Magazine. You can also find her at as a featured Contributor.


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