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Hello BHG Delish Dish readers, my name is Meg and I am the recipe developer, photographer, and blogger behind Beard & Bonnet! Growing up the daughter of an accomplished pastry chef I was thrown for a loop when my infant son was diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance that attacks his immune system. Everything I knew about cooking had to change in an instant for my family to be healthy and happy. I have spent every day of the last 3 years learning everything I can about gluten free cooking, documenting our favorite recipes, and sharing our journey with my readers. I am so honored to be here today sharing a piece of our journey with all of you!

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

Summer is so hectic for our family, especially on the weekends as we try to cram in every family activity our beach community has to offer! As much as we love the sun and sand, I often find myself pining for fall. I love waking up a little early on crisp, fall weekend mornings, whipping up a batch of pumpkin pancakes and putting on a big pot of coffee before anyone else makes a peep. If my husband is really lucky and the intoxicating aroma of pancakes doesn’t wake the kids, I serve him a big stack of our favorite pancakes in bed.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

If you knew me personally then you would know that I consider myself a pumpkin pancake aficionado. I am more than obsessed with them; I am completely consumed and could eat them for any meal of the day, any day of the week.  They are the first thing I missed when we had to adapt our diet to a gluten free lifestyle and ironically they were the one thing that I was nervous about recreating. So, when Better Homes and Gardens asked that I put my own gluten free spin on one of their amazing recipes I just knew that this was my chance to create the best gluten free pumpkin pancakes EVER!

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

Pancakes are one of those foods that almost everyone loves! For most of us they hold a level of nostalgia that most foods don’t ever have the chance of obtaining. When done right, pumpkin pancakes are the perfect blend of savory and sweet flavor notes. The spices are warming, the syrup is sticky sweet, and from start to finish they come together faster than most other breakfast foods. Lucky for me, Better Homes and Gardens original pumpkin pancake recipe is pretty phenomenal on it’s own.  The biggest change I made was substituting my own personal gluten free flour blend that mixes nutty flavored teff flour with sorghum and brown rice flour; then I upped the spices a bit and added pecans in the batter as well as on top of the pancakes.


Here are my exact changes: 

  • I used my own personal  custom flour blend as a replacement for the all-purpose flour in the original recipe. It is a perfect blend for pancakes, brownies, and quick breads, I highly recommend giving it a whirl. You could also substitute an all-purpose gluten-free flour like King Arthur Flour or Better Batter if you don’t want to make my blend. When choosing a gluten free all-purpose flour blend for making these pancakes it is important to mention that you should avoid brands that contain cornstarch as one of the main ingredients. Cornstarch in the blend makes for a really dense pancake that just doesn’t stack up.
  • I doubled the amount of cinnamon and ground ginger in the recipe to really drive home the warm fall flavors.
  • I added 1/3 cup raw chopped pecans to the batter and sprinkled toasted pecan halves over the top of the pancakes before drizzling them with warm maple syrup.

Nothing reminds me of summer more than berry picking. Most summers, we head to Vermont for a week to stay at my relative’s house and we always go blueberry picking nearby. Usually it’s so hot that I can’t manage to bake a pie when I get home, so instead I love throwing the berries in a fresh salad. The sweet and savory together are divine! Plus, it’s great alongside a BBQ meal.

For this fresh summer salad, I created a vegetarian version of this BHG salad, subbing spicy arugula for lettuce, and adding feta and pecans. However, feel free to include the turkey, or perhaps some chicken if you’ve fired up the grill.

I just used a light vinaigrette I bought at the store, but even olive oil and lemon would be lovely! For the recipe that I adapted, please click here.

Cheers to outdoor summer meals!

Recipe adaptation, illustrations and photos by Erin Gleeson of The Forest Feast, a food blog and vegetarian cookbook inspired by living in a cabin in the woods.


I love making pasta salads when entertaining because it’s easy to make a lot, not too pricey, filling, and they are great at room temperature. This pasta salad recipe is nicely balanced with beans and greens, and a store-bought pesto makes it so easy! I adapted BHG’s Italian Pesto Pasta Salad recipe by adding kale and pecans.

I pull the kale off the stalks and shred them into pieces by hand. After boiling the pasta, I throw the kale in that same pot, with a bit of olive oil, and saute´ briefly until wilted and bright green. I then toss the hot pasta with the greens, canned beans and pesto.

Chopped green scallions and toasted pecans can be sprinkled over the top before serving, or mixed in, for an extra crunchy kick.

This dish is great served warm or at room temperature, and is easily made ahead.

For the full recipe, click here. I simply substituted kale and pecans for the suggested arugula and pine nuts. The dish could also be made vegan by leaving out the cheese and using a dairy-free pesto. It could easily be made with gluten-free pasta as well. Enjoy!

Recipe adaptation and photos by Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast, a cookbook and food blog inspired by living in a cabin in the woods. 

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