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Mocha Coconut Chocolate Blooms

Fill your cookies jars this week with a batch of Chocolate Blooms. They make great late nights snacks and lunch box treats. Or you could wrap them up and surprise a friend with a special package.

Chocolate cookies rolled in coconut and filled with a rich chocolate filling are great for sharing with friends.

Hi, guys. It’s Jocelyn from Inside BruCrew Life back again with another fun and delicious chocolate recipe. One thing I like to do each week is to bake cookies for our cookie jar. They get eaten as a bed time snack, put into lunch boxes, and shared with friends. We go through quite a few cookies.

As I was looking for another chocolate recipe to give a BruCrew twist to, I saw these Chocolate Blooms. Chocolate cookies, filled with chocolate chips, and a soft chocolate center? Oh, boy! This cookie was calling my name. I couldn’t wait to bite into one of these chocolate treats.

These chocolate cookies were rolled in coconut and filled with a soft chocolate center. Share them with your favorite chocolate loving friend.

Of course as I went along, I made a few slight changes to the original recipe. I love a good challenge to “tweak” a recipe and make it different.

  • I used a dark chocolate cocoa powder in the dough to make the cookies extra dark and chocolaty.
  • I substituted coffee extract for the vanilla extract to add to the mocha flavor I was going for.
  • The original recipe calls for you to roll it into 56 balls. I only rolled it into 40 balls. Then I dipped them into 2 eggs whites and 2 cups of sweetened, shredded coconut instead of the nuts.
  • I did bake the cookies the full 10 minutes because they were larger.
  • I added 1 Tablespoon coffee liqueur to half the ganache for my husband and me, and 1 Tablespoon coffee syrup to the other half of the ganache for my children.
  • I topped the cookies with chocolate covered coffee beans because more chocolate is always a good idea.

These easy chocolate cookies are rolled in coconut and filled with a rich chocolate center.

As you can see these turned out very rich and gooey. Well, played Better Homes &Garden! This is another chocolate recipe that I will be making over and over for our family and friends. I am already thinking of some fun new ways to change it up again.

Chocolate cookies with coconut, a chocolate center, and chocolate covered coffee beans will satisfy your chocolate desires.

Make sure you get the recipe for these Chocolate Blooms and fill your cookie jar with chocolate goodness. For even more cookie ideas check out some of the cookies and whoopie pies I have made over the past few years.

Mocha Coconut Crinkles

If you are looking for a chewy chocolate indulgent cookie… I have just the ticket.



For our final cookie before the holidays, I’m going with mocha and coconut. Only one of my most favorite combinations ever. To make this deliciousness, take this crinkle cookie recipe and add ½ teaspoon of coconut extract along with 1/3 cup of shredded coconut to the batter. I used finely shredded unsweetened coconut, but you can totally use good old sweetened flaked coconut. No biggie.



You mix the batter together just as the recipe calls for. Chill the dough for a bit – I chilled mine for around an hour – then roll the dough into 1-inch balls.

Seriously? I wanted to devour this batter.



Take another ¼ cup of the coconut and add it to the sugar and cocoa powder that you roll the dough balls in before baking. It’s that simple. When the cookies come out of the oven, you are more than welcome to sprinkle some extra coconut on top. Heck, you could even melt some coconut butter and drizzle that on top too.

Now how about THAT?



I can’t even.

I first discovered the mocha coconut combination back in college when Starbucks came up with a Frappuccino of the flavor. Like I needed one more indulgence my freshman year… but it was a combo that stuck. I’ve since made mocha coconut cupcakes, mocha coconut fudge and my own mocha coconut iced coffees. It is truly a knockout flavor for me. A weakness, if you will. It always wins over my willpower.



Buuuut… can you blame me?

Get the recipe for the dough here. 

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