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Hey there, foodie friends!  I’m Connie, the recipe developer, food photographer and writer of URBAN BAKES, a dessert and baking blog with a focus to fit everyone’s sweet tooth.  I’m a huge chocolate lover who will never pass up a piece of cake when offered.  So today I would like to share my excitement that I’m here to guest post for BHG Delish Dish with a slice of Bourbon Chocolate Cake.

When given the opportunity to pick any recipe found on BHG to adapt, I thought, “yea, sure that’s easy.”  Well, not exactly.  It was quite the challenge narrowing down my top three choices since there were so many recipes I wanted to try.  Then I realized, I should just stick to my routes.  After all, chocolate and cake pretty much runs through my veins.  As a child, I always found an excuse to bake sheet cakes in my mother’s kitchen.  Now that I’m older and willing to handle more sophisticated cakes, I decided to give you a bit of an adult version of my childhood favorite and spike it with bourbon.

I adapted this recipe by turning a classic bundt cake into a 2-layered, 8-inch cake.  For the cream cheese frosting, I doubled the ingredients of this recipe and substituted the vanilla extract for 2 teaspoons of bourbon.  I omitted mixing the chopped pecans into the frosting for a cleaner look and instead pressed them onto the sides of the bottom half of the frosted cake.  Lastly, for a dramatic pop of flavor, I drizzled a bourbon-caramel sauce over the top which is simply a mix of ½ cup of caramel topping and ½ teaspoon of bourbon.  Easy, right?  Just don’t be fooled on the 1/2 teaspoon of bourbon; it gives this cake an extra punch of boozy flavor!

If you prefer a rich fudge-like chocolate cake, then this recipe is for you.  Furthermore, this cream cheese frosting remains one of the best frostings to work with.  Its smooth silk-like texture is easy to manipulate in designing the sides and top of the cake or if you want to go for a straight edge finish as seen here, easy!  Plus the flavor of the cream cheese frosting is mild therefore, less sweet which compliments the chocolate perfectly.

If you’re looking for a change to place onto your dessert table for the upcoming holidays, this cake is it.  Bourbon is perfect for this time of year and is sure to please many around the table.

Here are my exact changes for the cake:

  • I used 2 8-inch round baking pans instead of a bundt pan.  The amount of batter in this recipe fits perfectly for 2 2-inch thick cakes.
  • Check readiness after 45 minutes of baking time.  Increase bake time up to one hour or when a toothpick inserted into center of cakes comes out clean.

Here are my exact changes for the frosting:

  • I doubled the recipe to:  2 8-oz. packages of cream cheese, 1 cup unsalted butter, 2 teaspoons bourbon, 6-8 cups powdered sugar
  • I placed the chopped pecans onto the sides of the cake rather than mixing into the frosting.
  • Chilled frosting for 1 to 2 hours before icing the cakes.  This was done to harden the frosting however, this step may be skipped if desired.


  • Frost the top of the bottom layer of the cake.  Stack the second cake layer on top and frost the top and sides.  Before the frosting dries, lightly press chopped pecans onto the sides.
  • Using a piping bag with a fitted 2D tip, pipe swirls on top.  Place a pecan onto each swirl if desired and drizzle bourbon-caramel sauce (mix 1/2 cup caramel topping with 1/2 teaspoon bourbon) over the top.


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Hi all, Lisa here, associate editor with BHG special food publications. Ask anyone in my family and they’ll all tell you, when I was little I always went for rainbow sherbet over any ice cream flavors. The bright colors drew me in, and the refreshing fruity flavors kept me coming back. That’s why when I saw the Layered Sherbet Cake from Cakes! magazine, I knew I had to make it for my birthday this past weekend.

As if the idea of this cake couldn’t be better, it’s an all in one dessert; cake, sherbet, and cream cheese frosting. You don’t have to mess with scooping hard ice cream when it’s already included in the cake you’re slicing. Feel free to make the cake your own by mixing up sherbet flavors. When I went shopping, the grocery store was out of lime sherbet. No problem! I added another layer of orange sherbet since it’s my favorite flavor.

I chose the yellow cake option, and after I baked the cake, the assembly was actually pretty easy. I didn’t want to go out and buy 8-inch cake pans, so I used my 9-inch pans and a spring form pan to put the cake together. It worked, but I will say my layers were all thinner so my overall cake wasn’t stacked quite as high as an 8-inch would have been. Layering couldn’t have been easier. I cut the two round cakes in half horizontally and alternated layers from cake to sherbet ending in cake. After freezing for 3 hours, the cake was solid and ready to be iced.

I didn’t have a big party, but this was the perfect cake for a small get together with some friends and family. Combining the sherbet and cake was just as tasty as I hoped it would be! Making this layered cake is definitely going to be my new birthday tradition.

Some tips to success with this cake:

  • When cutting the cakes in half, try to keep your knife as straight as possible.
  • When assembling, you do want to work quickly. The sherbet melts fast since it’s already softened. I placed a cookie sheet under my spring form pan to catch some of the melt.
  • After I had frozen my assembled layers, the sherbet stuck to the sides of my spring form pan. To avoid tearing the cake, run a knife around the edges to make sure the sherbet detaches easily.
  • I’m not a huge fan of sprinkles, so I didn’t include any. But, this cake can be made for any occasion, so add any color of decorative candies or sprinkles.
  • I had about a cup of extra cream cheese frosting, but it’s great over fresh fruit like strawberries, so don’t throw it away!

Get the recipe here!


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