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Ice Cream

Load up your freezer with chocolate ice cream – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is here! Celebrate this yummy food holiday with our favorite desserts dedicated to one of America’s most popular ice cream flavors!

S’more Ice Cream Treats

It’s a good thing my coworkers enable my sugar/baking addiction, because these S’more Ice Cream Treats from Homemaking Hacks are definitely going to be on the menu this summer! This recipe combines two of my favorite summertime desserts: ice cream and s’mores. And they’re so easy to make! Just layer graham crackers, hot fudge topping, mini mallows, and softened chocolate ice cream. Freeze until firm, then cut into squares and devour!

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’m floating on Cloud 9 after biting into these delicious Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches from Foodie Crush! The rich chocolatey-ness of the soft, chewy cookies pairs perfectly with a healthy dollop of cold, creamy ice cream. I prefer my ice cream to be chocolate-based, but play around with your favorite flavors – peanut butter, mint chocolate chip, salted caramel – really, everything goes with chocolate! Bet you can’t eat just one!

Dirty Road Milkshake Shooters

If you have ice cream, milk and whiskey on hand, you’re all set to make these tasty Dirty Road Milkshake Shooters from Steph’s Bite by Bite. Simply blend all ingredients together, pour and toast the weekend! Make the drink extra festive with a chocolate-dipped rim studded with sprinkles.

Hot Cocoa No-Churn Ice Cream

Drinking a cup of hot chocolate on a snow day is a cozy, comforting treat – but eating a scoop of this Hot Cocoa No-Churn Ice Cream from Delish brings that same Christmasy joy to the heat of summer! Plus, it’s almost as easy as whipping up its beverage counterpart. Just mix the ingredients, freeze until firm, add an extra handful of marshmallows and enjoy!

Chocolate Stout Cheesecake Fudgesicle

What’s more decadent than cheesecake? How about creamy, beer-filled, graham cracker-crusted Chocolate Stout Cheesecake Fudgesicles? The Beeroness balances the sweetness of cream cheese with the tanginess of dark chocolate and stout for the perfect grown-up freezer pop.

The Darkest Chocolate Ice Cream

How could you celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day without a digging into a bowlful of plain chocolate ice cream? The Bite-Sized Baker’s recipe for the Darkest Chocolate Ice Cream is equal parts indulgent, creamy and rich – with just a hint of coffee and the right amount of sweetness.

Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream Cake

This Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream Cake from The Gunny Sack is truly a chocolate lover’s dream! Melted chocolate chips coat crunchy chocolate cereal, which is swirled in chocolate ice cream before freezing and topping with – you guessed it – more chocolate! With just four ingredients and no bake time, this cake whips up in a snap.

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Hooray! Sunday is National Ice Cream Day! Every year, the third Sunday in July is celebrated with rich, creamy frozen desserts. I can’t think of a better way to satisfy my sweet tooth. Kick back and get excited because it’s going to be the BEST DAY EVER.


Treat Yo’ Self. Take a scoop (or two, or three!) of Hint of Vanilla‘s sinfully delicious Chocolate Custard Ice Cream.



Take a cue from the classics. Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip Copycat Recipe by Something Swanky is an inexpensive take on a family-favorite recipe.



Keep it refreshing. Consider using freshly picked summer berries like Scoop Adventures did in its Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream.



Sometimes simple is better than complicated. No-Churn Pistachio Ice Cream by The Sweet Escape is just that. It’s Quick. It’s Easy. And you DON’T need an expensive ice cream maker.



Remember to have fun! Cotton Candy Ice Cream by Home and Plate pleases the kids and looks pretty on the plate.




Impress the guests!  Dessert for Two‘s posh Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches recipe is certain to leave even the pickiest eaters wide-eyed.



Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. Zoom Yummy‘s perfected Easy Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream recipe shines brightest when paired with a special dessert sauce.




Beat the afternoon slump! Espresso works as a great pick-me-up. That’s why Mocha Fudge Ice Cream by Things We Make is every girl’s go-to afternoon munchy.




Be bold! Drizzle and Dip‘s bright, punchy Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream commands attention.




Life’s better together. Why not mix and match your favorite flavors into one glorious dish? Many thank-you’s to Minimalist Baker for the inspirational Raspberry Ripple Coconut Ice Cream recipe!



Happy National Ice Cream Day…The BEST DAY EVER!


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Summer is synonymous with ice cream, point blank. I can’t think of any dessert I dream of more during this time of year than ice cream. Recently, I started cutting down on dairy because I have a slight intolerance to it (this probably got worse during all the testing of my cookbook coming out in just two months). My new frozen treats of choice include coconut milk based ice cream and sorbet.

Summer Sorbet Float

Gosh I LOVE sorbet, absolutely love it! It is always so impressive to me how a dessert can maintain all the creamy consistency and flavor of traditional ice cream without the dairy addition. It is much lighter (which I love), refreshing, insanely satisfying and incredibly delicious. I also love that the main flavor is much more pronounced without having to compete with the addition of cream.

Summer Sorbet Float

When I saw the Raspberry Sorbet Trio on, I knew I just had to try it. I also knew it would be a fun recipe to use in a classic float. There were only 4 ingredients in the entire recipe. Score! Because I was shaving so much time off of my workload, I decided to put in the extra effort of creating two additional flavors, Mango and Peach, for a fun twist on my final float creation.


Summer Sorbet Float

I simply made the following additions to the recipe:

  • The raspberry sorbet remained the same.
  • For the mango recipe, I simply replaced the frozen raspberries with frozen mango cubes and adjusted (lowered it since my mango was quite sweet) the sugar based on the sweetness of the mango. I didn’t sieve the final blended mixture.
  • For the peach recipe, I replaced the frozen raspberries with frozen peach slices and adjusted the sugar based on the sweetness of the peaches. I also didn’t sieve the mixture for this one either.
  • Lastly I scooped one of each flavored sorbet into wine glasses and drowned them in ginger-ale to create a classic summer float.

Summer Sorbet Float

I seriously adored these floats. Each flavor of sorbet shined on its own but also worked perfectly together as a compliment in the final drink. The best parts were knowing how easy it was to create the sorbets and how light the final product was. I plan on enjoying these all summer.

This Blackberry Icebox has layers of graham cracker, blackberry ice cream and fresh blackberries.

 Blackberry Icebox Cake

Hi again! I am Julianne from Beyond Frosting and I am back to bring you this Blackberry Icebox Cake. The first time around, I shared these Orange Cream Pop Cupcakes with you, but since it’s summer and all, I decided it was the perfect time for a no-bake icebox cake.

This time of year is perfect for no-bake dessert because they can be made in so any different forms. You’ve got layered refrigerator cakes, pudding desserts and my favorite, ice cream cakes (also known as icebox cakes).

Summer time is full of fun stuff like s’mores, ice cream and summer fruit. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough berries, peaches and melons. When I was searching for a no-bake dessert to recreate, I came across this Black Raspberry Cream Pie. The recipe has a black raspberry ice cream base made with cream cheese, blackberry jam and whipped cream. I had never made an ice cream with jam before, so I was really intrigued by the whole idea.

To put my own spin on it, I added some fresh cut berries for a little bit of color and texture and instead of baking the graham cracker crust, I left the graham crackers whole and used them to build layers for the icebox cake.


Blackberry Icebox Cake

To create the layered crust, alternate graham crackers with ice cream, spreading each layer evenly. The graham crackers provide a very stable base for building the layers, and since they are frozen, they stay a little bit crunchy, but they are very easy to cut through.

When I made the whipped cream for the ice cream, I double the batch so I could add some fresh whipped cream on top of the cake, and added a few leftover berries for garnish, which I added right before serving.

What I love about this ice cream filling, is that it stays frozen enough to be an ice cream consistency but soft enough to eat right out of the freezer. I am a big fan of no-churn ice creams that are made with fresh whipped cream.

This Blackberry Icebox Cake is different from most freezer cakes I have tried, and I have to say I am totally hooked. The fresh jam is a great way to flavor the ice cream making it a very versatile recipe. Plus, your friends will be so impressed by your homemade ice cream and you don’t even have to tell them how easy it is!

To make this icebox cake for yourself, follow the original recipe for the black raspberry ice cream, but add in fresh berries; I used 10 oz of blackberries. Instead of preparing the crust, keep your graham crackers whole. It’s always better to line the pan with tin foil, so you can lift it out of the pan to cut it. I used an 8-inch square pan for this recipe. 


Blackberry Icebox Cake


Summahtime and the livin’s easy. Right? Totally!

I am so excited to be here for the month of June sharing some killah cocktails. Even more so, because last summer I had an itty bitty bun in the oven and wasn’t partaking in an adult beverages (obviously). I missed my favorites like salty-rimmed margaritas and mojitos, but one thing I really missed was an ice-cold, frosty mugged beer on a hot day. Weird for me. Normal for some.

The good news is that I am MORE than making up for it already this year, and technically summer hasn’t even started yet. Winning.

While my beer of choice usually includes some sort of fruity angle (think orange slices or even cider flavors), this homemade shandy might be my new go to.

It’s a little twist on a lemon shady. A ginger beer shandy, if you will. With sugared ginger. And if you scroll down a bit… ice cream.

Yep. I went there.

A ginger beer shady float.

I like ginger beer over ginger ale. It’s slightly spicier – it really has a kick! And it’s not quite as sweet. If you miss the sweetness of the ale but want to stick with the ginger beer, you can always add in a few ounces of lemonade!

Now THAT is summer.

Here is the ORIGINAL RECIPE. Below are my modifications.

  • I swapped ginger ale for ginger beer. It’s a big spicier and not as sweet!
  • I skipped the lemon juice.
  • I used an already fruity wheat beer. Like Shock Top or Blue Moon.
  • I added one big scoop of vanilla ice cream – before or after pouring works. Just be prepared for a little foam.

Peaches are my absolute favorite summer fruit, hands down.

peach raspberry

I think its because of the deep nostalgia tied to it.  From my grandmother’s peach cobblers to the peach ice cream I ordered every summer from my family’s favorite ice cream parlor, peaches remind me of such an innocent and loving time in my life.

peach raspberry

When late summer hits, beautiful peaches flood my farmers markets, and I can’t resist picking up as many as possible.  I throw them in everything from pies and crisps to cakes and of course ice cream.

I mentioned before that peach ice cream was my menu item of choice at my neighborhood ice cream parlor.  I was such a regular that the employees already knew what I, a small child, was going to order.  The peaches were just so fresh, sweet and perfectly ripe when swirled through a creamy smooth vanilla custard.  I could not get enough.  After seeing this Fresh Peach Ice Cream recipe from BHG, these fond memories flooded my mind, and I couldn’t get rid of them until I made it!

peach raspberry

I added in some raspberries because I have become obsessed with peach and raspberry flavor, aka peach melba, combinations lately.  I simply made the following additions to the already perfect recipe:

  • I added 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar to a quart of raspberries (you can revise the amount depending on how sweet your berries are) along with a tablespoon of lime juice and allowed the syrup to develop.
  • I mashed half of the berries and left the rest whole.
  • Once I finished churning the peach ice cream, I alternately layered berries in the ice cream container before storing it in the freezer.

That’s it!  It was super simple to add some additional fruit flavor to such a classic ice cream recipe.  And the delicious flavors of this treat were the perfect trip down memory lane.


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