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Summer is synonymous with ice cream, point blank. I can’t think of any dessert I dream of more during this time of year than ice cream. Recently, I started cutting down on dairy because I have a slight intolerance to it (this probably got worse during all the testing of my cookbook coming out in just two months). My new frozen treats of choice include coconut milk based ice cream and sorbet.

Summer Sorbet Float

Gosh I LOVE sorbet, absolutely love it! It is always so impressive to me how a dessert can maintain all the creamy consistency and flavor of traditional ice cream without the dairy addition. It is much lighter (which I love), refreshing, insanely satisfying and incredibly delicious. I also love that the main flavor is much more pronounced without having to compete with the addition of cream.

Summer Sorbet Float

When I saw the Raspberry Sorbet Trio on, I knew I just had to try it. I also knew it would be a fun recipe to use in a classic float. There were only 4 ingredients in the entire recipe. Score! Because I was shaving so much time off of my workload, I decided to put in the extra effort of creating two additional flavors, Mango and Peach, for a fun twist on my final float creation.


Summer Sorbet Float

I simply made the following additions to the recipe:

  • The raspberry sorbet remained the same.
  • For the mango recipe, I simply replaced the frozen raspberries with frozen mango cubes and adjusted (lowered it since my mango was quite sweet) the sugar based on the sweetness of the mango. I didn’t sieve the final blended mixture.
  • For the peach recipe, I replaced the frozen raspberries with frozen peach slices and adjusted the sugar based on the sweetness of the peaches. I also didn’t sieve the mixture for this one either.
  • Lastly I scooped one of each flavored sorbet into wine glasses and drowned them in ginger-ale to create a classic summer float.

Summer Sorbet Float

I seriously adored these floats. Each flavor of sorbet shined on its own but also worked perfectly together as a compliment in the final drink. The best parts were knowing how easy it was to create the sorbets and how light the final product was. I plan on enjoying these all summer.

Honey-Sweetened Strawberry Gelato

The past two weeks, we’ve been fortunate enough to make it to the farmer’s market before the local strawberries have sold out. They are only available where we live for a very short window and we try to buy as many as we can each time we see them. And while we love to eat them fresh and straight out of the container, we also love to turn them into a super creamy and naturally sweet Strawberry Gelato.

Fresh local strawberries

My family loves ice cream and it’s definitely our summer treat of choice. We love to go to our local soft serve stand, but for special occasions, I like to make a batch at home. This gelato seemed like a great dessert to end my birthday pizza party with friends.

Since the last batch of berries we had from the farmer’s market were incredibly sweet on their own, this dessert didn’t need the full amount of sugar called for in the original recipe. And to make it a little more kid-friendly—and because I prefer the flavor—I swapped in 1/2 cup honey. I also halved the recipe since my ice cream maker only fits 1 quart, but that adjustment still made plenty to feed our small dinner party of four adults and two kids. I also added in a squeeze of fresh lemon juice as the mixture was churning to perk up the flavor a bit. I strongly suggest you do that step since it makes the final product taste that much more refreshing.

Fresh local eggs

You will have to make a simple custard to make this recipe, but if you take it slowly and embrace the sort of Zen-like nature of constant stirring, it’s actually enjoyable. (Do not multitask when doing that step—you really, really don’t want the mixture to stick to the bottom of your pan or burn. And as long as you don’t leave the stove area, it won’t!)

fresh strawberry gelato

I made the mixture the day before I planned to serve it and let it chill fully in the fridge overnight. The next morning, I let my ice cream maker do its thing and the gelato rested in the fridge until dessert time. It was a huge hit with both my family and our friends. This gelato has an intense strawberry flavor, a hint of citrus from the lemon, and plenty of creamy texture to make it totally satisfying. I dare say that might just be a perfect summer dessert for the family.

Find the original recipe for Strawberry Gelato here.

Okay, I’ll admit it. One of my absolute favorite parts about working at Better Homes and Gardens is looking at mouth-watering recipes throughout the day. All of my searching through dishes on and food blogs results in some delicious discoveries which is why I’m excited to share our new Friday Finds series with you! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite foodie inspiration from our BHG Insiders, a group of bloggers that we connect with for projects. With things heating up around the country, I had ice cream on my mind this week:

This decadent Black Cherry Fudge Ripple Ice Cream from Kitchen Meets Girl looks surprisingly simple. Plus, the easy-to-make summer treat  doesn’t even require an ice cream machine!

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Salted Caramel Sauce? Yes, please! This dish from Ciera Design looks like the ideal end to a backyard barbecue.

These Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles from Damn Delicious look hard to resist. Greek yogurt, cream cheese and fresh strawberries make up their creamy cheesecake base.

I love out-of-the-ordinary ice cream flavors and this Roasted Raspberry Frozen Yogurt from Brooklyn Supper certainly does the trick by bringing the flavors of roasted fruit, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup together.

What better way to eat your ice cream than in a cute cone? I Heart Naptime shows how to make these Rainbow Dipped Ice Cream Cones for parties or everyday occasions.

Bloggers, would you like to work with us and have a chance to be featured in our upcoming Friday Finds? Apply to be a BHG Insider here!

- Kenzie Kramer, Social Media Editorial Assistant

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