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healthy chicken recipe

If you want an easy, delicious, and HEALTHY dinner, look no further than this Chicken and Lemon-Broccoli Alfredo! All the ingredients in this recipe are healthy, lean, and wholesome. Since the recipe calls for the light alfredo sauce, I made my own healthy cauliflower alfredo sauce completely from scratch (recipe here). And that’s really the only change I made to the original recipe. Combining lean chicken, veggies, lemon and creamy cauliflower alfredo sauce together in one recipe created a really healthy and delicious dinner!

chicken with broccoli in a lemon alfredo sauce

The recipe calls for boneless skinless chicken breasts, sliced in half, which makes it easier to cook them and avoid dry meat. What you’ll have in the end are juicy, tender, and flavorful chicken breasts. Broccoli florets cooked with fresh lemon add healthy fiber to your dinner. The recipe also calls for mushrooms – if you love them, then use them, but I found they are totally optional here. I even made two versions of this recipe, one with mushrooms and one without (photos for both versions included here) – both dinners turned out great! Serve this dinner with the cauliflower alfredo sauce on the bottom of the plate, with the chicken and the veggies on top:

chicken dinner, lighter chicken dinner, healthy chicken dinner

This is the version with mushrooms:

chicken, broccoli, mushrooms in a light creamy alfredo sauce, chicken dinner, chicken dinner recipes, healthy dinners

You’ll love the colors and the freshness of the ingredients in this recipe!

Chicken with mushrooms, lemon broccoli in a light alfredo sauce, healthy recipes, dinners with veggies, dinners with vegetables


And, here are the changes I made to the original BHG recipe:

1) Mushrooms are optional. Feel free to include them or not – the recipe will still be great!

2) I omitted lemon peel – I felt there was enough lemon flavor in the dish already.

3) The recipe calls for ready-made light alfredo sauce – I made my own healthy alfredo sauce instead: healthy cauliflower alfredo sauce – find the recipe by clicking here. Make the healthy cauliflower alfredo sauce in advance, before cooking the chicken breast, broccoli, and everything else. The best way to serve this dish is to ladle a small amount of creamy cauliflower alfredo sauce on the bottom of each plate, and then top with everything else, just like you see on the photos.

Hello! This is Julia from the food blog (you can also find me on PINTEREST) with the Fall-inspired dinner recipe for you! I love Fall, especially because it gives me an excuse to indulge myself in making all kinds of cozy meals using my favorite Fall ingredients, such as sweet potatoes, cinnamon, maple syrup, etc. ! It’s no wonder that my today’s recipe is a delicious, easy-to-make, Fall-inspired dinner from Better Homes and Gardens: Maple-Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. Unbelievably good, kids would love it, this meal is full of protein, fiber, and it’s gluten-free!

chicken dinner, mashed potatoes, gluten free dinner

You’ll love that this recipe takes 30 minutes to make, and there are only 6 ingredients involved! It’s one of those rare recipes where sweet and savory flavors are perfectly combined. Sweet potatoes, maple glaze, savory chicken – this is the ultimate Fall comfort food, and it will be a great addition to your weekly menu.

Maple-Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

The chicken is cooked in butter + olive oil with Montreal seasoning. YUM!

chicken skillet, easy chicken

The final dish combines chicken seasoned with Montreal seasoning, Maple glaze, and mashed potatoes! Wonderful combination!

Maple-Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes


And, here are the changes I made to the original BHG recipe:

- The recipe calls for packaged mashed sweet potatoes – I just made my own because they are so easy to make.

- The recipe calls for 1 pound of chicken breast tenderloins – I just used 1 pound of chicken breast and sliced it horizontally, then into smaller longer slices. As you can see on the photos, I was able to get about 12 good-size slices out of 1 pound chicken breast! Also, the recipe calls for cooking chicken in 2 tablespoons of butter; I used 1 tablespoon of butter + 1 tablespoon of olive oil instead.

- I omitted green onions (didn’t have any) and just sprinkled the dish with chopped fresh parsley right before serving.

Maple-Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes
Maple-Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes
Maple-Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

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Hello! This is Julia from the food blog (you can also find me on PINTEREST) – with the super quick and easy recipe that takes only 30 minutes to make: lemon chicken skillet! This chicken is so out-of-this-world delicious! It’s unbelievable that combining just a few simple ingredients, such as lemon pepper, fresh lemons, some flour (I used gluten free!) with chicken and butter can produce such delicious results! You’ll love this recipe – and you can find the full recipe instructions here, on Better Homes & Gardens!

lemon chicken breast in a skillet

Chicken prepared this way looks beautiful – it makes a very nice presentation. This chicken is great served as-is, or serve it with steamed asparagus, or very flavorful rice pilaf.

lemon chicken breasts cooked in a skillet

I love that this recipe uses so many lemons!

Cooking lemons with lemon pepper in the skillet

I did make a few minor (but important) changes to the recipe directions, so please read my notes (review) below.

lemon chicken breasts


And, here are the changes I made to the original BHG recipe:

1) I used 2 large chicken breasts (1.5 pounds total). I sliced each chicken breast, horizontally, into about 4 or 5 thin slices.

2) I combined flour (I used much less flour, only about 1/3 cup, not 1/2 cup) with lemon pepper in the bowl, and only then coated chicken slices in this lemon pepper and flour mixture.

3) I heated 3 tablespoons of butter + 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the skillet before adding chicken, coated with flour and lemon pepper mixture. After chicken is cooked and removed from the skillet – I cleaned the skillet completely, because it had some burnt butter. Then, I added 1 tablespoon of butter to the completely clean skillet and cooked sliced lemons, seasoned with lemon pepper, just for 1 minute, until they softened (I even squeezed these lemons a bit, with the fork, as you can see on one of the photos above).

4) Finally, I topped the cooked chicken with chopped fresh parsley.

5) I used gluten-free flour to make this recipe gluten-free! Any flour will work here. Use either regular, all-purpose flour with gluten, or use gluten-free flour like I did!

Lemon Butter Chicken
Lemon Butter Chicken
Lemon Butter Chicken

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Hello! This is Julia from the food blog (you can also ALWAYS find me on PINTEREST), and today I am sharing with you a delicious recipe for Balsamic Chicken with Asparagus and Tomatoes – healthy, low fat, low cholesterol, low calorie meal, packed with fiber (vegetables) and protein (chicken). It’s so delicious, you will wish all your healthy food tasted like it!

healthy chicken dinner, chicken and vegetables, italian chicken dinner

This dish has a Mediterranean AND Italian flare about it, as it is packed with colorful veggies, and the ingredients include both olive oil and balsamic vinegar! This recipe is lean, healthy, yet will not leave you hungry thanks to all the protein and fiber!

balsamic chicken coated in a delicious Mediterranean sauce made with Italian salad dressing and balsamic vinegar

If you’re trying to incorporate more healthy delicious meals into your diet – this is the recipe to add to your recipe rotation list!

And, it takes only 30 minutes to make, from start to finish! Start by preparing all the veggies:

sliced veggies, slice carrots, asparagus, chopped tomato

Then, cook the chicken and mix it with the half of the balsamic vinegar mixture:

cooking chicken in balsamic sauce

Then, cook the vegetables (in the same pan – so you will only have to wash one pan!):

chicken and vegetables, Mediterranean recipe, Italian comfort food

Finally, combine everything for a delicious meal and beautiful presentation:

healthy dinner, easy chicken dinner, chicken and vegetables, Mediterranean recipe


And, here are the changes I made to the original BHG recipe:

1) The recipe is very good as is. I would double the sauce as I always love to have lots of sauce! You can use leftover sauce as a salad dressing.

2) If you’re using a different cut of chicken (I actually did – I mistakenly bought boneless, skinless chicken thighs and not chicken breast tenderloins) – make sure to drain all the liquid that the chicken releases after being cooked, before you add the balsamic sauce. That way, the balsamic sauce will not be thinned out by the chicken juices (if you use skinless, boneless chicken thighs like I did). With leaner meat, such as chicken breast, this should not be a problem.


Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables
Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables
Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables

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My slow cooker is my favorite fuss-free solution to weeknight meals because it does all the work for me while I’m out and about. On my blog, I have 45 (and growing) Skinny Slow Cooker Recipes! This easy chicken dish from The Better Homes and Gardens Skinny Slow Cooker magazine is a wonderful addition to my collection.

It’s delicious and the prep time is quick – simply place the chicken in the slow cooker, pour the sauce over the chicken and set itto 6 hours. Five to ten minutes before serving add the bok choy and cook until it wilts, then sprinkle with sesame seeds – easy!

Rather than using different chicken parts, I went with skinless drumsticks which are leaner than thighs. The meat is so tender once cooked it just falls off the bones. I served this over brown rice and my family loved it!

Hope you enjoy!

Gina – Skinnytaste


See the full recipe here.


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