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 Giulia is a freelance photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario. She also shares her recipes and travel adventures on her blog Audrey’s . Giulia’s work has appeared on Cup of Jo, Style Me Pretty Living, Sweet Paul Magazine, TheKitchn, Huffington Post and Better Homes and Gardens. She’s had her photography and styling work published in Ottawa Magazine landing on the cover of the May 2014 Eating & Drinking issue.






Giulia Doyle from Audrey's for Delish Dish

I was so excited to be asked to participate as the Delish Dish guest blogger! After having trouble narrowing down what I wanted to cook (too many good things to choose from), I decided on something sweet, but not too decadent. Something that goes well with all the holiday goodies we might be gobbling up these days.

Giulia Doyle from Audrey's for Delish Dish

I chose the Apple Mango Crisp, with a few minor tweaks. I substituted the wheat germ with milled flax-seed and used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. By doing this, the recipe is still perfect for dessert with some whip cream or a scoop of ice cream.

I also decided to top the crisp with coconut flavored yogurt, which made this recipe the perfect not-too-sweet breakfast option. I have to say, not only was this a fun project, but it also resulted in a great weekend breakfast with enough left-overs to serve for dessert! And any apple based recipe that doesn’t require peeling is a winner in my books. Thanks for having me Delish Dish!

Giulia Doyle from Audrey's for Delish Dish

Hi everyone, I’m Jocelyn, the blogger, recipe developer and photographer at Grandbaby Cakes!  I am so honored to guest blog for BHG’s Delish Dish today!  If there was any magazine that was front and center in my home growing up, it was definitely Better Homes and Gardens.  I’ve got a great Strawberry Shortcake Tiramisu to share!


On Grandbaby Cakes, I love sharing unique twists on traditional recipes that have been passed down from my grandmother.  One of my Big Mama’s (grandmother) vintage recipes I simply adored indulging in was strawberry shortcake.  In fact, I celebrate my birthday each year with one.  When spring finally surfaces and gorgeous bright berries are in season, I get excited to make one of my own from scratch.


For this post, I knew I wanted to update this classic universally loved dessert, and when I saw this wonderful tiramisu recipe in the BHG recipe archives, I was sold.  I am the biggest fan of tiramisu.  Since my trip to Italy last year, I have tried recreating this dessert in every way possible on my blog.  From banana pudding tiramisu to even cookie dough tiramisu, I have tried it all but I knew a Spring remix was just what the doctor ordered to take this dish over the edge.  Strawberry shortcake tiramisu is perfect for Easter, spring entertaining or your last course for any Sunday dinner.


The original BHG version was already such a wonderful recipe so I didn’t have to make many changes to create the impact I wanted.

  • I replaced the original angel food cake with ladyfingers to provide more of a classic tiramisu taste.
  • I added two teaspoons of seedless strawberry jam and a couple drops of red food coloring to the cream cheese mixture.  It turned this super cute pink color and the jam added just the perfect hint of additional strawberry flavor I needed.


  • I also omitted the sour cream from the remaining whipped cream.  I wanted the whipped cream to shine when paired with the fresh strawberry slices mascerated in a couple of tablespoons of granulated sugar and lime juice.

After 12 long and patient hours, I finally had my first bite.


And then my second…. and third.


Honestly, it took a lot for me to walk away from another slice of this at 9 in the morning.  I have never had such a delightful tiramisu, and the nostalgia of my childhood came flooding back.  This dessert is a great reminder of the vintage strawberry shortcake recipe I enjoyed as a kid but with an adult flair.  I have no doubt that this dessert would become a favorite of yours as well.


To see the full recipe and instructions, click HERE!  Happy Baking!


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