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fudgey brownie

There is just something about sweet and salty desserts. I can rarely pass one up when it comes my way.

I have an aversion for coining anything “the best. . . “ but these are so close to being one of the best brownies I have ever had. The dark chocolate fudgy brownie is rich but not in that tongue-coating way that requires huge gulps of milk. The pretzel bottom crust is the bit of salty you need to offset any richness. And the final finish is simple, unfussy and totally indulgent drizzle of caramel and melted chocolate topped with a sprinkle of fleur de sel.

Are you ready?

Of course keep in mind I did my usual mixing and matching of BHG’s recipes. To get started:  (1) I used the crust from this brownie recipe and swapped out the oats for crushed pretzel (to bake follow the instructions for Ste  (2) For the brownie body I used this dark chocolate brownie recipe. (3) To finish with the drizzle, I melted 2-3oz of chocolate and melted about 10-13 caramel candies; placed each in a Ziploc bag and snipped off a corner and drizzled the caramel first then followed by the chocolate and a sprinkling of fleur de sel.

And that’s it, so get baking because this is going to be a great dessert for the Super Bowl. You can even make this two days in advance and keep it refrigerated up until 30 minutes prior to serving. You’ll want to serve this room temperature . . . and possibly with a scoop of ice cream—just say’n.

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