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Buttery Nectarine Squares

Hi Y’all! I’m Milisa from Miss in the Kitchen!  After selling my barbecue sauce business, I really missed the connection with people that I shared with my food business.  I found that food blogging was just the ticket to share my passion for recipes and love of cooking.  My very first cookbook was a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, so I am beyond excited to be blogging for’s Delish Dish!

Summertime is made for fresh fruit desserts!  These Buttery Nectarine Bars are reminiscent of a Southern peach pie. This dessert comes together so much easier than a pie.  Sweet juicy nectarines with a hint of cinnamon are paired with a rich buttery crust for a fabulous summer treat that will have everyone begging for more!

Buttery Nectarine Squares for Delish Dish ~ MissintheKitchen

I grew up near a peach orchard with the most glorious and  juicy summer peaches.  I still still crave those fresh Arkansas peaches and peach desserts are always my favorite way to enjoy them.  My folks are really good about bringing me a box or two when they come to visit and I’m keeping my fingers crossed to get my hands on a few this summer.

Nectarines | Miss in the Kitchen for Delish Dish

In the meantime, I set off in search of peaches at my local market for a special dessert and came away with these gorgeous nectarines.  Nectarines are smooth skinned peaches, did you know that?  My ten year old was quick to inform me and it turns out he’s right.

Buttery Nectarine Bars Recipe for BHG Delish Dish ~ missinthekitchen

I found this recipe while browsing through the BHG recipe data base and knew it would be just perfect for my nectarines.  I have made lots of pies but they are never pretty.  I loved the idea of dessert squares and no worry of that perfect pie crust edge.  The crust has a little crunch to it and it’s made with crushed Rice Krispies cereal or Corn Flakes.  I used the Rice Krispies and loved the added texture with the soft fruit.

Buttery Nectarine Squares for BHG Delish Dish ~

You will be pleased with how easy this dessert comes together.  It is already on my list to bake again and it’s bound to be a family favorite for you as well.  The only change I made to the original recipe was to substitute nectarines for the apples.  I served it up with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and I can’t think of a dessert any more perfect for summer!
BHG Delish Dish Buttery Nectarine Squares

Click Here to get the list of ingredients and directions for this recipe.

The changes I made to the Original BHG Recipe:

The original recipe calls for apples and I used nectarines, all the same measurements on ingredients, and the same baking time.

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles

Hi, I’m Julie of The Little Kitchen and I am thrilled to be joining as a regular contributor to the BHG Delish Dish blog! I have been blogging for over 4 years now and have always been a huge fan of BHG.

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles | BHG Delish Dish

Since it’s summer and mostly likely very hot where you’re at, I really wanted to make popsicles! After chatting with the BHG team, I knew I wanted to make a boozy popsicle…so I changed up one of their recipes for Strawberry Sangria and made them into popsicles.

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles | BHG Delish Dish

I love strawberries! Wonderfully sweet and so colorful, I love anything with strawberries.

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles | BHG Delish Dish

The strawberry syrup in this recipe tastes amazing, I even used it as a base for another recipe I’m working on.

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A Colorful Spring Soiree


I think it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung. One of my absolute favorite parts of spring is the colors. Trees burst with new leaves, the grass changes from brown to green, and flowers sprout up from the ground. It’s such a magical time. This change of seasons also means that more fresh fruits and berries are becoming available. I couldn’t be more ready for a handful of fresh blackberries or a slice of juicy watermelon. So today, I’m celebrating both the delicious return of gorgeous fruits as well as the colors of spring!


First things first .. fruit. Having a bit of a sweet tooth, I collected some of the best fruit-inspired desserts from the BHG archives. These recipes will certainly have you running to the kitchen to start baking. I mean, who doesn’t want a fabulous dessert that’s just right for the season. I’ll take two. Who am I kidding, give me a slice of each.


1. Key Lime Tart // 2. Raspberry Cakes for Two// 3. Cherry-Almond Vanilla Cupcakes // 4. Lemonade Cake // 5. Blueberry Ice Cream Pie // 6. Strawberry-Raspberry-Rhubarb Crumble // 7. Pineapple Upside-Down Coffee Cake // 8. Lemon-Blackberry Mini Tarts


Secondly, I have fallen in love with many great new spring products for entertaining. This year, pastels are a thing of the past, as bold and energetic colors take center stage! From glassware to dishtowels, it seems that brighter truly is better. I’ve pulled some of my favorite new entertaining accessories to spark your creativity. So grab some fresh fruit, get in the kitchen, and take a moment to welcome this colorful time of year!


1. Oceana Drinkware // 2. Salt and Pepper Shakers // 3. Sul Dip Bowls // 4. Jelli Green Flateware // 5. Hacienda Plate // 6. Vintage Flower Storage Bowls // 7. Dragonfly // 8. Golden Mason Jar // 9. Salud Pitcher //  10. Swoon Tray // 11. Polka Dot Napkin Ring



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