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chocolate doughnut

So I had myself set on making doughnuts. The only problem was I really liked this recipe and I didn’t have the necessary ingredients on hand (sure I could have run to the store), but more to the point, I wanted a chocolate doughnut.

Never one to shy away from the getting elbow deep with tweaking recipes, I did a few swap outs and a few test runs and what you see in the picture is this base recipe flipped to a chocolate doughnut.

And as I mentioned, the recipe is excellent as is, but if you wish to make it a chocolate doughnut here are the tweaks:

  • Swap out a ½ cup of regular flour for natural unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Omit the cinnamon completely
  • Swap out the applesauce for plain Greek yogurt
  • For the glaze, omit the applesauce completely

That’s it. Stick to the recipe directions and you will have yourself some awesome chocolate doughnuts to enjoy!

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