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Thai Chicken Pasta Salad

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Thai Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

If you’ve got 20 minutes, then you’ve got a Thai-inspired meal that rivals even the tastiest local takeout dishes. Introducing Thai Chicken Pasta Salad, a quick and easy recipe that delivers maximum flavor with minimum fuss.

What’s not to love about peanut noodles? Add sliced chicken and crispy veggies to the mix, and you’ve got a balanced meal-in-a-bowl that stars a lighter take on classic peanut sauce.

Thai Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

The deliciousness begins with light coconut milk, reduced fat peanut butter and a healthy shake of crushed red pepper flakes. While the original recipe called for 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, I’ve swapped in a 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes for more defined heat. Feel free to skip the spice if you’re cooking for tinier taste-testers.

Thai Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

Next up: the noodles! Ramen lovers, meet your match. Toss those spice packets and fire up the flames to cook the noodles to al dente perfection. And don’t forget to run the cooked noodles under cool water, as the chilly rinse will prevent the noodles from sticking to one another.

Thai Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

Peanut sauce? Check. Ramen noodles? Check. All that’s left to do is stir in sliced chicken breast and your choice of fresh veggies. In addition to the cucumbers listed in the original recipe, I’ve added 1 cup of sliced carrots for more color and crunch.

The rich and tangy peanut sauce disguises any add-ins, making it the perfect way to sneak extra veggies into the dish. Toss it all together and garnish with three tablespoons of chopped, unsalted peanuts, and this dish is ready for the dinner table.

Thai Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

Ready to make the most of those ramen noodles? Take on the takeout with this quick and easy recipe for Thai Chicken Pasta Salad.

- Kelly Senyei, Just a Taste

Kelly Senyei

Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

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Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

If mealtime in your household involves the words “quick,” “easy” and “minimum mess,” then look no further than this 30-minute Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry starring tender diced chicken and fresh veggies tossed in a tangy ginger-soy sauce.

This meal-in-a-bowl has become a go-to in my weeknight repertoire. And not only does it fall under the “Fast and Flavorful” category, it can also be as healthy or as indulgent (read: noodles!) as you’d like. But before you fire up those flames, read on for my top tips for stir-frying success.

Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Standardize Your Sizes: The size of your ingredients plays an important role in how quickly and evenly they will cook. Put those knife skills to the test and aim to slice and dice each ingredient into equal-sized pieces.

Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Pick Your Pan: To wok or not to wok? That is the question. While a wok’s high sides will minimize any potential mess from the frequent stirring (hence, stir-frying), a sauté pan with 2- to 3-inch high sides will work just fine.

Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Cook, Remove, Repeat: The technique of stir-frying often involves cooking some ingredients, removing them from the pan, adding other ingredients, and then tossing it all together for the big finish. In this particular recipe, we stir-fry the broccoli and peppers, remove them, stir-fry the chicken with the sauce, and then add back in the veggies.

This method of preparation prevents varying ingredients from being overcooked or undercooked. By cooking the veggies, removing them, and then adding them back in at the end, we’re preserving their tender texture while avoiding a mushy mess.

Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Ready for a no-fuss meal that will make the most of all those leftover odds and ends in the fridge? Wok and roll with this quick and easy recipe for Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry.

- Kelly Senyei, Just a Taste

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Quick Weeknight Meal: Feta-Stuffed Chicken Breasts

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Nearly 4 weeks ago my husband Ben and I welcomed our first baby boy into the world. We couldn’t be happier…or more tired! We’re still in the stage of running around all day but not really accomplishing anything except accumulating a big pile of laundry and sink full of dishes by the time the sun goes down (and a happy baby, thankfully!)

Needless to say I’ve been on the lookout for quick and easy dinner recipes for when we’re both too wiped to cook, but just can’t justify another trip to the burrito joint for dinner. They know us by name. Not good. Feta-Stuffed Chicken Breasts to the rescue!

Whether you too have a little one at home, or a big family with busy fall schedules to feed, this quick and easy stuffed-chicken recipe needs to be put on your menu ASAP.

Lean chicken breasts are stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, seasoned feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and fresh basil, then pan-seared and served up hot. Make the filling ahead of time to make this dish come together even quicker, and feel free to play with the flavors of cream cheese and feta. The combinations are endless.

Start by combining the stuffing together in a small bowl, including cream cheese and crumbled feta.

The recipe here on calls for regular feta but I used Tomato & Basil feta for an extra punch of flavor (and reduced-fat because we can’t taste the difference!)

Next add in fresh chopped basil, and chopped sundried tomatoes. Once again I deviated from the recipe a bit by using sundried tomatoes packed in oil. Totally eliminates the step of rehydrating them with hot water, plus I like the extra flavor from the oil.

Now, using a sharp knife, create a pocket in a chicken breast. Just cut horizontally through the center of the chicken, being careful not to cut all the way through to the other side.

Stuff the pocket with the cheese, basil, and tomato filling then secure with toothpicks.

Spray or brush the outside of the chicken with extra virgin olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and then saute in a skillet over medium heat for 5-6 minutes a side.

Slide the chicken onto a plate then cut in to reveal the hot and melty cheesy center.

I am telling you – this dish is so, so delicious! And couldn’t be simpler. Perfect for busy families on the go. Enjoy!

Click here for the Feta-Stuffed Chicken Breasts recipe >

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Cilantro-Lime Chicken Pasta Salad

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Hi! I’m Jamielyn from I Heart Nap Time and I am thrilled to be guest posting today. The Delish Dish blog is one of my absolute favorites! On my blog I share easy and delicious recipes and DIY crafts.  I love to aspire others to get their creative juices flowing. Follow along with my creative adventures on Pinterest and Facebook.

Cilantro lime chicken pasta salad

Today I’m going to share this cilantro lime chicken pasta salad found on the Better Homes and Gardens website. I pinned this pasta salad recipe earlier this year and have been wanting to try it ever since. I finally made it over the weekend for a neighborhood BBQ and it was the first recipe to go. Everyone raved about it! The combination of fresh fruit and vegetables is perfection. It’s also a healthy recipe, which is always good in my book! ;)

Cilantro lime pasta salad

To make this recipe a little bit more kid friendly I left out the chile pepper and only added 1/4 cup red onion. I also squeezed fresh lime juice onto the chicken before grilling. It added the perfect kick! The kids all ate it and especially loved the mangos! They were the perfect addition to the pasta salad. This recipe is definitely a new family favorite. It’s so simple and perfect for busy summer nights. It also refrigerates well for leftovers the next day.

Cilantro lime chicken pasta salad

This cilantro lime chicken pasta salad was sure delicious! To find the entire recipe for this cilantro lime chicken pasta salad click here.

Cilantro lime chicken pasta salad

I will definitely be making this recipe again and again. Let me know if you try it!

So what’s your favorite pasta salad for summer?

Thanks for reading. Have a great day! -Jamielyn, I Heart Nap Time

BHG Guest Blogger

Orange Tare-Glazed Grilled Chicken Salad

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Hi, I’m Julie Deily, a former software engineer turned freelance recipe developer and food photographer. I’ve been blogging at The Little Kitchen since December 2009 and love to share easy to make meals that are indulgent enough to call comfort food. Follow me on twitter and instagram.


Orange Tare-Glazed Grilled Chicken Salad

I saw the recipe on the Better Homes and Garden website for Tangerine Tare-Glazed Grilled Chicken Salad back in May and I printed it out immediately. I wanted to try it because I have never made a salad with udon noodles before. Once I had the wonderful opportunity to guest post on Delish Dish, I knew what recipe I wanted to blog about!

Orange Tare-Glazed Grilled Chicken Salad

I couldn’t find tangerines or snow peas at my grocery store so I opted to change it up by using oranges and asparagus. This salad is bursting with flavor and has so many different textures, I’m completely in love with it. From the udon noodles to the orange slices, the crunch napa cabbage and the wonton crisps.

I made the glaze and salad dressing and then boiled the noodles. After I boiled and drained the noodles, I returned the pot to the stove with water and once the water was boiling, I added the asparagus (cleaned and cut into thirds) and only cooked it for about 60 seconds. (Drain it and run it over cold water to stop the cooking.)

I refrigerated the dressing so it would be cold. And while the chicken was grilling, I toasted the wonton shells to make crisps.

Orange Tare-Glazed Grilled Chicken Salad

I’m completely obsessed with the wonton crisps and by the way, so is my dog, Angel. She knows when I’m snacking on them, she comes running over and asks for a bite!

For the amount of ingredients in this salad, it’s surprisingly quick to make and if you want to make it even quicker for a fast lunch or dinner, grill the chicken indoors using a grill pan.

I will be making this recipe again and again. I know you’ll enjoy it if you try it!

For the entire recipe, please visit Tangerine Tare-Glazed Grilled Chicken Salad.

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Eat Fresh: Pan-Seared Chicken with Cherry-Tarragon Sauce

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Hey Delish Dish’ers! Today I want to talk to you about a brand new cookbook I just received, Better Homes and Gardens’ Fresh: Recipes for Enjoying Ingredients at their Peak

Inside is page after scrumptious page, and photo after luscious photo, of mouthwatering recipes using in-season, fresh ingredients to make all-year round. From Zucchini, Cheddar, and Sage Crust Pizza with Chicken and Apples that’s great in the early fall, to Pan-Seared Chicken with Cherry-Tarragon Sauce that’s best enjoyed in the early to midsummer (a.k.a. right now!) I have already dog-eared what feels like every other recipe to make at some point throughout the year.

Click here > to find a bookstore near you where you can pick up a copy!

But first, let me tell you about my Pan-Seared Chicken with Cherry-Tarragon Sauce. This dish is easy enough to make on any weeknight, but special and elegant enough to serve at a dinner party. Simply seasoned chicken is sauteed then draped in a velvety, fresh cherry and wine pan sauce made in the same skillet as the chicken for ultimate flavor – and quick cleanup.

The dish uses one of my very favorite summer treats, fresh cherries, plus licorice-esque tarragon that’s incredibly easy to grow or find at the market around this time of year. The combo is just incredible.

Start by dredging chicken breasts in a mixture of flour, dry mustard, paprika, salt and pepper, then saute in a little olive oil until brown, crisp, and cooked through. Set aside to keep warm.

Meanwhile, pit then halve a couple cups of dark red cherries, mince a few garlic cloves, and chop up fresh tarragon.

One of the things I love best about summer cooking is using fresh vs dried herbs. They totally awaken every recipe I add them to.

Add the cherries, tarragon, and garlic to the same skillet the chicken was sauteed in, then add red wine and chicken broth and reduce until thick and syrupy. Finish the sauce with a pat of glossy butter.

Place the sauteed chicken over a bed of fluffy couscous or pasta then drizzle the warm cherry sauce on top. Enjoy this fresh, summery dish!

Click here to get the Pan-Seared Chicken with Cherry-Tarragon Sauce recipe