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Of course the weather starts to warm slightly and I’m already jumping ahead for summer. I realize cantaloupe and watermelon aren’t exactly in season, and I’m bucking the farm-to-table trend with this Melon-Fresh Herb Sorbet recipe. But you can always stay a locavore by swapping out the melon for almost any in-season fruit and keeping the recipe ratio for the fruit portion.

To make the recipe as seen in the picture, you’ll notice I did a combination of watermelon, raspberry and mint—its sweetness with a little bit of cooling; for the cantaloupe I paired it with basil for a little added kick. There you go, two simple sorbets that’s great as is or another way to serve this Melon-Fresh Herb Sorbet recipe is to try floating it over some Prosecco for a refreshing sorbet float.

Whatever you do make it, freeze it and have a lot- it’s fruit based after all, so you can totally hit your daily fruit intake with this one.

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