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cannoli recipe

If there ever was a food to turn around my deep frying avoidance around, it would be this Chocolate Cannoli recipe. I’m not talking about the consumption of deep fried foods–um, no problem there as evident by my half-a-dozen downing of these cannolis.

By avoidance I mean the method of deep frying. I seldom do it, so as result I’m not very good at it. And as a result of that, I burnt four cannoli shells before I found the perfect timing for a “golden brown” finish. The important take away here: read the directions throughly and pay close attention to the color.  The time in the recipe is a guide and is clearly indicated as such. Obviously, I missed that clear indication of “1 minute or until golden”. So along with that, unless you are a deep frying expert, be prepared to mess up at least one shell to get your timing down.

As for the taste, grab your eating pants because you probably won’t be stopping after one—or six. Agreed? Awesome. Click here for the Chocolate Cannoli recipe.


*Recipe tweak – To finish the cannol like the above pictures: Dip the edges of the shell in melted chocolate and rim with crushed toffee or nuts.

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