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buckeye bars

I’ll admit, I’ve actually never had a buckeye bar, but then again I’m allergic to peanuts. With that I decided to flip the original Peanutty Buckeye Bars to an almond butter buckeye.

Seriously, I’ve been missing out on buckeyes all these years, because of a a peanut allergy? Well thank goodness for almond butter! And don’t worry, even if you are not an almond butter (or peanut butter like the original the recipe calls for) fan you can try this with Nutella, Speculoos, Cookie Butter or Biscoff  spread. The recipe is easy and forgiving, so whatever you decide on keep the original peanut butter ratio and you’ll be fine. Along with that these buckeye bars easily come together from start to finish in just 40 minutes.

If you need one more convincing point, let me say—make these, eat a few, then pass them along. Trust me when I say if you don’t,  you’ll end up over indulging. You’ve been warned—these are highly addictive!

Click here for the recipe.


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