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Peanut Caramel Brownies

Hi everyone! It’s Maryanne from The Little Epicurean. I’m so excited to be here!

This week I’m sharing these peanut caramel brownies. I’m still reeling from the holiday blues and these brownies are the perfect treats to perk me back up.

I originally stumbled upon this recipe for caramel-hazelnut brownies. While I’m a big fan of the chocolate and hazelnut combo, I wanted something different. I decided to swap in lightly salted roasted peanuts.

Peanut Caramel Brownies

I love the flavors of peanuts, caramel, and chocolate together. It reminds me of one of my favorite candy bars. If you want an extra pop of sweetness, you can also try honey roasted peanuts.

Peanut Caramel Brownies

This recipe makes a large batch. You will definitely want to share this with others.

Start with a 9×13-inch baking pan. To make removal easy, line the baking pan with generously greased foil.

The bottom brownie layer is rich and dense. The original caramel layer calls for hazelnuts and hazelnut liqueur. I swapped in peanuts and omitted the liqueur to make it kid-friendly.

Peanut Caramel Brownies

Immediately after baking the caramel brownies, sprinkle chocolate chunks (or chocolate chips) all over. Let it stand for 2 minutes to allow the chocolate to melt. Be patient. The chocolate WILL soften.

Peanut Caramel Brownies

Use a mini offset spatula (or the back of a spoon) to spread the melted chocolate into an even layer. And for the final touch, sprinkle peanuts all over. Gently push the peanuts into the chocolate to ensure they stick.

Now comes the most difficult part of this recipe, allow the brownies to cool and the chocolate topping to set up. You can do this at room temperature or speed up the process by letting it chill in the fridge. These brownies last for days. They hold up really well. Plus, if you want a fresh out of the oven, ooey gooey brownie, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm them back up.

Peanut Caramel Brownies

Here is the recipe for the original Caramel-Hazelnut Brownies. My alterations: swap in roasted peanuts for hazelnuts, omit hazelnut liqueur.

Calling all dark chocolate fans! This Dark Chocolate Brownie Pudding combines two of my favorites – brownies and a warm pudding cake!


Brownie Pudding Cake


I was having a strong craving for something chocolate, so when I stumbled upon this Brownie Pudding Cake recipe, I knew instantly that it would curb those cravings… hardcore.


The recipe is super simple and only takes a few minutes to throw together before you pop it into the oven. The original recipe calls for unsweetened cocoa powder to make the brownies and pudding sauce, but since I was in a desperate need for chocolate I switched that out for equal amounts special dark cocoa powder.


Brownie Pudding Cake


The deep dark chocolate brownie is covered with a brown sugar and chocolate combination. When it bakes though, the brownie comes up to the top and the dark chocolate pudding sauce seeps to the bottom.


It’s basically heaven in a spoonful.


Brownie Pudding Cake


The original recipe calls for chopped walnuts, but I had a hankering for hazelnuts so I did a quick switch-a-roo. The nutty and rich flavor of the hazelnuts paired perfectly with the moist brownie.


Of course I had to serve this masterpiece ala-mode style with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Then, because… why not… I drizzled it all with the dark chocolate pudding sauce. Delightful!


You can find the Original Recipe HERE


My modifications:

  • Use special dark cocoa powder rather than unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Use hazelnuts instead of chopped walnuts

This is a post from Love from the Oven provided by our sponsor, Mott’s Applesauce.

Hi, my name is Christi and I blog over at Love From The Oven, where I share sweets, treats and fun eats. I love to create and share recipes that are simple, delicious and that you can easily make at home.

Buttermilk brownies lightened up with applesauce

I’m thrilled to be here at BHG this month to share some great baking recipes with you, so let’s jump right in with a little chocolate, shall we?

Buttermilk Brownies

If your family is like mine, they just might love chocolate. Brownies and chocolate cake are probably the most requested desserts in my home, so I am always looking for ways to lighten them up bit, without sacrificing flavor. I have two very picky eaters, and while it might be easy to lighten up many recipes, they don’t always pass the picky eater test. My version of this Buttermilk Brownie recipe passed that test with flying colors, they are incredible, and have half the butter of the original version.

Buttermilk Brownies

This Buttermilk Brownie recipe is a bit more like a cake in texture, packed full of chocolate flavor and it is amazingly moist and delicious. I’ve swapped out some of the butter in the recipe, and used Mott’s Applesauce in its place. This is one of my favorite swaps when baking, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you are in for a treat! Applesauce is a great choice if you are looking to reduce some of the fat in your baking.

Mott's Applesauce

You might be wondering, do these brownies taste like applesauce? Not at all. The deep chocolate flavor in this recipe really shines, and if you didn’t know, you’d actually never guess that they contain applesauce. My family loves dark chocolate, so I used dark cocoa instead of regular cocoa in this recipe. Either type of cocoa works well, but if you love dark chocolate I highly recommend using dark cocoa powder in these.

Dark Chocolate Brownies

One other change I made to this recipe was swapping out the cup of water called for in the recipe for a cup of coffee. While I’m not a coffee drinker, when baking, coffee can really kick up the intense chocolate flavor. Anytime I am taking out something, such as some of the fat in this recipe, I like to find another way to punch up the flavor. I think the coffee does a fantastic job of doing that with these.

Buttermilk Brownie Recipe

To make my version of these delicious Buttermilk Brownie recipe, here are the changes you will want to make:

In place of 1 cup butter or margarine, use 1/2 cup butter or margarine and 1/2 cup Mott’s Applesauce. Add the applesauce in AFTER you remove the butter, cocoa powder and water/coffee mixture from stove.

In place of cocoa powder, use dark cocoa powder.

In place of one cup of water, use one cup of coffee.

We loved the Buttermilk Brownies, and I hope that your family enjoys them as well! Thanks so much for having me here today at Delish Dish on BHG! Please come say hi on my blog, Love From The Oven, or my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook pages.

Add a seasonal spin to a dessert classic with a quick and easy recipe for festive Christmas Brownies studded with semisweet chocolate chips and candied cherries.  

Christmas Tree Brownies Recipe

Nothing says “happy holidays” quite like a crowd-pleasing pan of brownies. But I’m skipping the squares and bypassing the bars with a fun new Christmas-inspired take on this traditional favorite. And it all starts by transforming a little melted butter and chocolate into the fudgy base of these brownies.

Christmas Tree Brownies Recipe

Next comes the festive add-ins, including candied cherries and semisweet chocolate chips. I decided to take the flavor up another notch by stirring in 2 teaspoons of espresso powder mixed with 1 tablespoon of water to really bring out the rich flavor of the chocolate.

Christmas Brownies Recipe

And the real beauty of this recipe is that the brownies are baked in a 15×10-inch pan, which makes them the perfect base shape for slicing into triangles. Simply slice the pan of brownies in half length-wise (down the center) and then slice at a diagonal to form 22 “trees” with four edges as scraps. And by “scraps,” I mean “the parts you eat while decorating the brownies.”

Christmas Brownies Recipe

Transfer each tree to a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and then melt 1 cup of semisweet chocolate chips, stirring until they are smooth. Transfer the melted chocolate into a piping bag, snip off the tip and drizzle the chocolate across each tree. A shower of sprinkles completes these sweet treats.

Christmas Brownies Recipe

Ready to wow holiday guests? Preheat your oven for Christmas Brownies and give Christmas cookies some serious competition in the holiday dessert department.

- Kelly Senyei, Just a Taste

Dulce de Leche Fluff Brownies | BHG Delish Dish

I’m thrilled that I made these Dulce de Leche Fluff Brownies and that I get to share them with you.

To die for…there are no words.

Dulce de Leche Fluff Brownies | BHG Delish Dish

See what I mean? The brownies are so buttery, chocolatey and fudgy and combine them with dulce de leche and marshmallow fluff, done. You’ll need a fork but I know you won’t complain!

Read more

Can’t decide between buttery shortbread cookies and fudgy chocolate brownies? Enjoy the best of both worlds with Shortbread Brownies!

Sweet meets salty in this two-in-one layered dessert starring buttery chocolate chip shortbread and fudgy brownies. But of course I couldn’t let the indulgence end right then and there. This twofer dessert was in desperate need of a topping; something that screamed, “I’m not who I appear to be!” And thus, I’ve kicked this recipe up a couple of notches. Read on for my updates to this quick and easy recipe for Shortbread Brownies.

It all starts with the shortbread, which scores a few extra sweet tooth points thanks to the addition of mini-chocolate chips. And remember, when cutting butter into flour, it’s best to just use your fingers, as the warmth will slightly soften the butter, making it easier to incorporate with the dry ingredients. And by “incorporate with the dry ingredients,” I mean “taste test the dough.”

With the shortbread in motion, we can then move on to the brownie portion. Whenever I make brownies, or even chocolate cakes or cupcakes, I always like to add just a taste of espresso powder to the batter, as the coffee amps up the flavor of the chocolate. I added 2 teaspoons of espresso powder mixed with 2 teaspoons water to this brownie batter.

Then it’s time to put it all together, starting by pressing the shortbread cookie dough into the bottom of your foil-lined pan. The cookie layer goes for a quick bake before being topped with the prepared brownie batter. And then it’s back into the oven until both the shortbread and brownies are baked and sealed together into one stacked sweet.

I have a big problem letting brownies go naked. And this is where the milk chocolate and large-flake sea salt steal the show. Simply melt 1 cup of chocolate chips, transfer the melted chocolate to a pastry bag or sealable plastic bag, snip off the tip and pipe away. But before the chocolate hardens, finish off your masterpiece with a pinch of sea salt to balance out the sweetness.

Slice, serve, and win the adoration of coworkers, teachers, kids, parents, siblings, or just yourself. No one said Shortbread Brownies need to be shared.

- Kelly Senyei, Just a Taste

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