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bread pudding

Today I am so excited to be sharing this Tiramisu Bread Pudding. It is the first time I’ve made a bread pudding and I have to say, I am hooked.

Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t a regular Tiramisu-eater. Once I made a homemade version of a Tiramisu, it was like the blindfold was pulled off and all of the sudden I wanted to make everything into a Tiramisu.

This Tiramisu Bread Pudding is a baked bread pudding mixed with classic tiramisu flavors. It is topped with a marcarpone whipped cream

This bread pudding is a baked with a mixture of milk, heavy cream, eggs, sugar and coffee grinds. The recipe calls for white bread, but I chose to use buttermilk bread instead. I really wanted to try it with Brioche bread, but I couldn’t find it, so buttermilk bread just felt more fancy than white bread. Really, after it’s baked, I don’t think it matters much, but if you are a serious bread pudding eater, please fill me in.

My secret ingredient is a coffee-flavored liquor that I added to the milk mixture and baked into this pudding. A classic Tiramisu usually includes coffee liquor, but the original recipe I adapted for this dessert did not call for if. However, if you don’t have any on hand, it’s an optional ingredient. This dessert needed a bit of pizzazz, so I also tossed in some mini chocolate chips!

This Tiramisu Bread Pudding is a baked bread pudding mixed with classic tiramisu flavors. It is topped with a marcarpone whipped cream

I was surprised at how quick this dessert was to put together. The original recipe called for individual ramekins, but I decided to bake this in a 9inch by 9inch pan. The baking times were very similar and it allowed me to cut the slices as big or as small as I wanted. However, that did not stop me from digging into it with just a fork!

One of the reasons this dessert stole my heart is because of the topping. It is a cream cheese whipped cream, and if you have stopped by my blog, you might notice that I have discovered this wonderful topping and paired it with cakes and cupcakes.

A coffe-liqour spiked bread pudding topped with marcarpone cheese and cocoa powder.

Since this was a Tiramisu inspired dessert, I chose to swap out regular cream cheese for mascarpone cheese. I happened to have leftover mascarpone from another recipe I made over the weekend. A mascarpone whipped cream makes for the most wonderful mousse-like topping! I finished this dessert off with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

I brought the leftovers into work on Monday and it was gone before I knew it! I consider my coworkers my best taste testers since I literally fill the break room with desserts on Monday morning. I don’t think they are that mad about it either.

A coffe-liqour spiked bread pudding topped with marcarpone cheese and cocoa powder.

Okay, let’s run through this one more time. Here is the original Tiramisu Bread Pudding recipe. If you like a spiked dessert, adjust the milk to 1 cup and add 1/3 cup of a coffee-flavored liquor. Sprinkle a handful of mini chocolate chips (about 1/8 cup) on top. If you feel inclined, swap out the cream cheese in the topping for a mascarpone cheese, I promise it’s worth it! Lastly, dust it with a touch of cocoa powder.

This dessert is can also be made in advanced and served cold! If you have individual ramekins for this, that’ great! If not, just know you can also bake it in a larger dish as well.

One of the great things about BHG’s recipe index, is it provides a lot of basic recipes that can be used as building blocks. For this recipe, I started with this easy-to-make bread pudding found here. From there, I swapped out the french bread for cinnamon rolls that I cut into 1/4 inch slices and toasted. Next I decided to pair it with the caramel sauce found in this recipe, but I had to swap out the bourbon for rum, since rum is what I had on hand.

And yes, it would have been perfectly great just to slice and serve it like that, but I’m already thinking ahead to the holidays and wanted to try this as a trifle. I’m not exactly sure what it is about trifles—but I love them—maybe it’s the layered look, maybe it’s the individualized preparation and serving.

Whatever it maybe for you, make this. Because it’s not going to matter if you layer it in a trifle or slice, serve and then top it with whipped cream, your guests will probably only care about the taste. And let me say, the taste does not fail, the cinnamon rolls as the bread pairs beautifully with the caramel rum and whipped cream.

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