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10 Back to School Lunch Ideas

Three words. Back. To. School.


If you haven’t gotten the hint already, it’s back-to-school season. Along with a multitude of coloring crayons, watercolor paints and No. 2 pencils, comes the stress of planning lunches that the kids will actually eat (and not just bring home 3/4 full). Luckily, I’ve put together 10 kid-favorite recipes that are sure to leave plates (or rather lunch boxes) clean.



1. If your kids are poptart fanatics, then introduce them to Lark & Linen‘s Homemade Strawberry Poptarts. This fresh pastry is oh so sweet!



2. Leave the canned stuff at home. Send your kiddo to school with a thermos filled with something fresh from the garden. Thank you iFoodreal for this amazing Chicken Noodle Harvest Vegetable Soup recipe!



3. That’s right, homemade fruit roll-ups! Look to Willow Bird Baking‘s Straw-Raspberry Basil Fruit Leather recipe for a healthy alternative without the preservatives.



4. How about a sweet that’s energizing and healthy? This Apple Cookies recipe by Rachel Schultz is both!



5. Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries offer a less traditional (and fun!) way for the kids to get their daily intake of fruit and dairy. Thank you Family Fresh Meals!



6. Don’t these Homemade Hot Pockets look tasty? Thanks to Jo Cooks, frozen meals have no hold on you.



7. Save money and time by making freezer-ready sandwiches with CincyShopper‘s easy DIY PB & J Uncrustables recipe.



8. Once your kiddos try these Homemade Pizza Rolls by Tracy’s Culinary Adventures, they’ll be asking for this it everyday of the week.



9. Snack day? No problem! Five Heart Home‘s Oats & Honey Granola Bars are sure to satisfy any hungry tummy.



10. A hot lunch is easy to pack when you have Shugary Sweets‘s White Cheddar Mac & Cheese.


Welcome Back To School!



By Jessica Christensen

Senior Food Editor, Special Interest Media


If you’re anything like us, the mere sight of plump summer fruit (whether at the farmers’ market, a u-pick farm, or even in your own garden) results in an overexcited state of picking, buying, and otherwise procuring it by the bucket load. Once home, you realize just how much fruit you are now responsible for. And while eating it by the fistfuls is definitely going to happen, you need a plan for the other 10 pounds of fruit.

That’s where homemade jam comes into play. And luckily, it’s so much easier to make than you might think. There are five essential things you need to know to make jam with the perfect consistency and sweetness. These must-know tips (as well as 30 jam recipes and countless jellies, pickles, vegetables, soups, and more) come from our new book, Better Homes and Gardens® Complete Canning Guide. Let us help you turn all that beautiful fruit into sweet spreads for toast, bagels, pancakes, and more. Here’s how to get your jam on:

1. Importance of the Pot

A pot isn’t just a pot when it comes to making jam. It must be made of heavy material—such as stainless-steel, enameled cast-iron, hard-anodized aluminum, or tri-ply—to prevent burning and scorching on the bottom (after all, there’s a lot of sugar in that jam!). Use the pot size specified in the recipe to provide the right surface area—this is essential for proper water evaporation and jam consistency.

2. Pectin Selection

Ever wonder what gives jam and jelly its gelled texture? It’s pectin! Pectin is a natural substance extracted from fruits such as apples and citrus. When combined with the right amounts of sugar and acid (like lemon juice), it creates a gel that thickens jams and jellies. There are several kinds, including regular powdered pectin (used most often), liquid pectin, freezer-jam pectin, and low-sugar pectin. Pay close attention to the type specified in each recipe. (Find these products where canning supplies are sold.)

3. Stick to the Recipe

Jam making is a science that requires a strict formula of fruit, sugar, acid, and pectin to get to the right consistency. Creativity is not a virtue here, and changing the recipe could result in a soft-set or unsafe product. Need a jam with less sugar? The Complete Canning Guide includes recipes that we tested with a reworked formula (and low-sugar pectin) just for you. Also, never double a batch of jam. This dramatically changes the cooking times, affects evaporation and gelling, and may cause scorching.

4. Keep It Still

After processing in the canner, transfer the jam jars to a towel or cooling rack. Then leave the jars alone to cool. Shaking or inverting the jars can disrupt the pectin bonds that create the gelled texture. If you have a recipe where the fruit floats to the top during cooling, simply give the jam a stir before serving.

5. Stand to Set

Now that the jam is processed, it’s ready to go, right? Not quite. The pectin (which you’ve learned by now is a bit finicky) needs time to set up and create those gelled bonds. After letting the jam cool completely and checking the seals, set it aside in a cool, draft-free location for at least a couple of days (or it may take up to two weeks) to let the pectin do its thing.

There you have it: the most important things you need to know about making your own homemade jam. To get started, here’s one of our favorite recipes from the Complete Canning Guide: Blueberry Mojito Jam made with fresh blueberries.

And what’s that? You want more canning and preserving recipes? Check out our newest issue of Canning magazine here.

Bonus: We’re giving away five copies of the Complete Canning GuideTo enter for a chance to win, comment with your favorite thing to preserve. You can gain a second entry to the contest by following @BHG on Twitter and tweeting with #BHGCanningSweepstakes. Official rules here.

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Fall Vegetable Fajitas

Hi there! My name is Taylor and I blog over at “Food Faith Fitness” which is a blog about nourishing your body, mind and soul through delicious, easy, healthy recipes, fitness tips and thoughts on faith and life.  I want to show you how healthy food can be TASTY and not bland and boring!  I’m super excited to be guest posting on Delish Dish today!

Fall Vegetable Fajitas

What do you think of when I say FAJITASSSS? Besides margaritas of course. Or did you brain not go there? Is that just me?

Don’t answer that.

Back to the question.  Fajitas. Soft tortillas stuffed to the brim with crunchy peppers, crispy onions and some sort of spicy-tender meat.  Don’t forget the salsa.  Like, 3 jars of it.

Let’s just be honest. I KNOW you salsa ALL the things too.

Fall Vegetable Fajitas

When I was searching through Better Homes and Gardens for a recipe to recreate, I had JUST come back from almost 2 weeks of vacation. As in 2 WHOLE weeks where I cooked NADA.  As in “I forgot how to turn on my stove, chop veggies or pretty much do ANYTHING that somewhat resembled making something edible, that my hungry-face would actually like to munch.”

I might be exaggerating.  But, really, I’m NOT.

THEN I STUMBLED (read: clicked. You can’t actually STUMBLE over something in internet land) on these Fall Vegetable Fajitas.  They only had 3 steps and looked E-Z-P-Z.  Plus, they had grilled-to-perfection steak, peppers and ZUCCHINI.


Fall Vegetable Fajitas

Not to mention these fajitas made that secret-inner-corner of my SOUL that yearns to be Mexican (because tacos FOREVER) REALLY happy.

So I did a little slice, did a little dice and then got my Fall Vegetable Fajitas-on-the-grill jam going onnnn.

I had to make a few changes to the recipe, due to not being able to find chili-lime hot sauce at the store. But a little bit or sriracha and lime juice? Spicy, tangy and ZESTY.

The recipe also called for only green peppers. But, one color isn’t as pretty as TWO, so green AND red peppers entered the scene. With a little flank steak instead of chuck eye as well.

Really, you could probably eat this WITHOUT a tortilla. Which I might have done as I wiggled a few tender-smokey zucchini and steak pieces out of the grill basket as they got their char on.  Which may have resulted in burned fingers.

Fall Vegetable Fajitas


The Huberoni and I used some corn tortillas (to keep it gluten free) and Greek yogurt as our fake sour cream for some X-TRA protein goodness. With approximately 3 cups of cilantro on top.

Cilantro. Salsa. I obsess.

Let me just tell you straight up. There was no talking. Just DEVOURING.

Like, no leftovers because YUM. 10 minutes. Smokey, veggies, TENDER MEAT.


Oreo Neapolitan Shake

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream – or milkshakes. And since the best made milkshakes are made with the best ice cream, make sure to use top quality ingredients.

Oreo Neapolitan Milkshake

To start things off, I used the base recipe for the Vanilla Bean Shake from here. T o create the other layers, simply swap out the vanilla bean ice cream for strawberry and chocolate ice cream.

From there just add in some crushed Oreo with each layer. How much Oreo you decide to add is up to you. For me, I didn’t want it to over power each ice cream layer, so I stuck with 1/3 cup of Oreo for each serving.

Oreo Neapolitan Milkshake

Now here’s my secret to making a creamy vs. icy milkshake—be patient and let your ice cream sit at room temperature until it softens. Then give it a little elbow grease and whisk your milkshake by hand. Yep, by hand. It’s the best way. But sure, I understand that isn’t for everyone. So if you decide to go the blender route, make sure you soften the ice cream as I mentioned and then turn the blender down to the lowest setting and give it a few quick blitzes.

Of course finish your milkshake the way you want—your palate, your preference—but I like mine with some whipped cream, sprinkles and cherry on top for some good cheer! Because seriously, it is almost impossible not to smile when you are served something with sprinkles and a cherry on top. Click here for the base recipe.

Oreo Neapolitan Milkshake

International Bacon Day

Woohoo! It’s International Bacon Day! And my first question for you is, what are you doing to celebrate? If you haven’t yet decided how to spend this incredible day full of greasy goodness, then take a peek at 20 of my all-time favorite bacon recipes that are sure to do the day justice.


Celebrate the day in STYLE with The Blond Cook‘s crowd-pleasing Clams with Smoky Bacon and Tomatoes recipe.



Breakfast anyone? Soup Addict‘s BLT Frittata with Ramen Noodles is sure satisfy any early riser.



If Asian cuisine’s your thing, try a blissful bite of The Little Kitchen‘s Shrimp and Bacon Fried Rice.


If you’re a guac addict like myself, then you absolutely HAVE to taste this Bacon Guacamole by Rachel Cooks. Delicioso!



Turkey + Bacon = One savory bite of Whitney Bond‘s fantastic Garlic Herb Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast.



Cheers! Make a toast to Chili Pepper Madness‘s Smoky Whiskey Mules.


Who says bacon can’t be a sweet? Urban Bakes‘ Maple Bacon Brownies makes bacon seem like it belongs in a dessert.


If you’ve got canning to a T, then you have to try this Bacon Jam by Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks.


Kick start the season with Brown Eyed Baker‘s Loaded Baked Potato Dip. Make extra! (you’ll thank me later)


Yumm! Doesn’t this Bacon Egg Rolls with Bacon and Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce recipe by The Lemon Bowl look AMAZING?!


If a bite-sized dish is more your scene, then The Hopeless Housewife‘s Bacon Jalapeño Poppers with a Cheesy Tater Tot Crust recipe has your name written all over it.


Consider A Dish of Daily Life‘s Turkey Club with Havarti Grilled Cheese! It’s a playful twist on a classic dish.


Aren’t these Mexican Breakfast Cups by The Wholesome Dish almost too cute to eat?


If you’re watching your waistline, then you have to check out this Cheesy Bacon and Corn Stuffed Zucchini recipe by Diethood.


Yay for comfort food! Delightful E Made‘s Shrimp, Bacon and Corn Chowder recipe warms up any cool September day.


I didn’t know this was possible! Sweet and Savory, your Mini Filet Mignons have left me jaw dropped.


[hit the Italian dinner music button here] Cook Like A Champion‘s Potato, Bacon and Caramelized Onion Pizza recipe gives the traditional dish a run for its money.


Culinary Concoctions by Peabody‘s Bacon Breakfast Rolls with Maple Glaze recipe sounds almost too good to be true–almost.


Don’t these Salmon BLT Sliders with Avocado Aioli and Brie by The Little Kitchen look positively scrumptious?


M’mm M’mm Good is basically the only way to describe these Bacon Cheese Puffs by How To Nest For Less.


Happy Bacon Day!



Tiramisu Bread Pudding

Today I am so excited to be sharing this Tiramisu Bread Pudding. It is the first time I’ve made a bread pudding and I have to say, I am hooked.

Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t a regular Tiramisu-eater. Once I made a homemade version of a Tiramisu, it was like the blindfold was pulled off and all of the sudden I wanted to make everything into a Tiramisu.

This Tiramisu Bread Pudding is a baked bread pudding mixed with classic tiramisu flavors. It is topped with a marcarpone whipped cream

This bread pudding is a baked with a mixture of milk, heavy cream, eggs, sugar and coffee grinds. The recipe calls for white bread, but I chose to use buttermilk bread instead. I really wanted to try it with Brioche bread, but I couldn’t find it, so buttermilk bread just felt more fancy than white bread. Really, after it’s baked, I don’t think it matters much, but if you are a serious bread pudding eater, please fill me in.

My secret ingredient is a coffee-flavored liquor that I added to the milk mixture and baked into this pudding. A classic Tiramisu usually includes coffee liquor, but the original recipe I adapted for this dessert did not call for if. However, if you don’t have any on hand, it’s an optional ingredient. This dessert needed a bit of pizzazz, so I also tossed in some mini chocolate chips!

This Tiramisu Bread Pudding is a baked bread pudding mixed with classic tiramisu flavors. It is topped with a marcarpone whipped cream

I was surprised at how quick this dessert was to put together. The original recipe called for individual ramekins, but I decided to bake this in a 9inch by 9inch pan. The baking times were very similar and it allowed me to cut the slices as big or as small as I wanted. However, that did not stop me from digging into it with just a fork!

One of the reasons this dessert stole my heart is because of the topping. It is a cream cheese whipped cream, and if you have stopped by my blog, you might notice that I have discovered this wonderful topping and paired it with cakes and cupcakes.

A coffe-liqour spiked bread pudding topped with marcarpone cheese and cocoa powder.

Since this was a Tiramisu inspired dessert, I chose to swap out regular cream cheese for mascarpone cheese. I happened to have leftover mascarpone from another recipe I made over the weekend. A mascarpone whipped cream makes for the most wonderful mousse-like topping! I finished this dessert off with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

I brought the leftovers into work on Monday and it was gone before I knew it! I consider my coworkers my best taste testers since I literally fill the break room with desserts on Monday morning. I don’t think they are that mad about it either.

A coffe-liqour spiked bread pudding topped with marcarpone cheese and cocoa powder.

Okay, let’s run through this one more time. Here is the original Tiramisu Bread Pudding recipe. If you like a spiked dessert, adjust the milk to 1 cup and add 1/3 cup of a coffee-flavored liquor. Sprinkle a handful of mini chocolate chips (about 1/8 cup) on top. If you feel inclined, swap out the cream cheese in the topping for a mascarpone cheese, I promise it’s worth it! Lastly, dust it with a touch of cocoa powder.

This dessert is can also be made in advanced and served cold! If you have individual ramekins for this, that’ great! If not, just know you can also bake it in a larger dish as well.

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