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Everyone loves a good BLT. Nothing quite tops the combination of a fresh tomato, crispy bacon, and chilled lettuce between two warm pieces of bread. Thanks to the creative minds of some of our favorite food bloggers, we’ve found some alternative ways to make a BLT.

Lil’ Luna‘s melty, creamy BLT Dip recipe is one to bookmark. The recipe is so yummy yet simple — start with a dip made of sour cream, cream cheese, and melted colby jack and top off with crispy bacon crumbles, diced tomatoes, and lettuce. Use your favorite cracker or chip as a dipper!

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Macaroni salad is always a crowd-pleaser. BLT Macaroni Salad, however, goes beyond basic  macaroni salad and is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. After all, everything is better with bacon, right? Food blogger Amy of She Wears Many Hats nails this BBQ-ready recipe.

The BLT Pizza from Perpetually Hungry was inspired by a meal that blogger Taylor had at California Pizza Kitchen years ago. Use a premade pizza dough and this so-good supper can be made in just 30 minutes.

Imagine: A Creamy BLT Soup to warm you up on a chilly winter day. Cinnamon-Spice and Everything Nice has made that possible — Reeni creates an even more comforting take on the classic sandwich. Toast a few slices of cubed French or Italian bread and sprinkle over the top along with bacon crumbles, lettuce, tomato, and a sour cream/mayonnaise drizzle.

In my opinion, bruschetta is one of the classiest yet most welcoming appetizers out there. As The Life Jolie says, everything tastes better on top of bread, right? Jolie repurposed traditional bruschetta with her BLT Bruschetta, made with savory bacon, sweet tomatoes, onion, and parsley for flavor, perched on top of a toasted baguette slice.

These Mini BLT Cups from The Endless Meal are truly bite-sized. Grape tomatoes (cherry tomatoes work, too) are filled with a chipotle aioli and garnished with arugula and bacon. Talk about bursts of flavor!

Hey there! I’m Chelsea, and I blog over at Gal on a Mission. All of my recipes are simple to make, delicious, and family-approved! We actually love one-pot dishes and this One-Pot Chicken & Vegetable Three-Cheese Mac and Cheese is perfect and also a mouthful to say.

I was super excited that BHG asked me to adapt a recipe to share with you! As always, the hardest part is trying to decide which recipe I wanted to make. Isn’t that always the issue when dinner time rolls around, too? It is for me! So after searching for a little bit, I decided to adapt this Chicken-Vegetable Mac and Cheese because it sounded so interesting. – tomato paste in mac and cheese?

Oh yeah! I was a little skeptical at first but it truly makes the flavors shine through. Don’t skip it because you will certainly miss out.


There were a few changes I made to the initial recipe. I started off by making the entire dish in one pot and only one-pot. I boiled the penne pasta first, drained the water and left the pasta in the strainer (hello, fewer dishes!). Once the pasta was al dente, I  cooked the mushrooms, red bell peppers, and the chicken in the same pot and placed them on top of the pasta noodles. Then I started on the sauce, which is the best part of the mac and cheese! The second thing I changed in this recipe was the cheeses. It originally only called for two kinds of cheese – cheddar or swiss and America. I decided to use all three listed in the recipe and used 1 cup of cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup of swiss cheese, and left the American cheese the same quantity.

After trying this dish, I immediately fell in love! So good!

Weeknight Falafel

Quick and yummy weeknight dinners are a lifesaver during most work weeks and this recipe for Weeknight Falafel will be a new favorite in your house. As someone who loves falafel, but is often intimidated by making it at home, I loved how easy this recipe was to pull together. And that it’s so versatile—try it over a salad with a little feta cheese, stuffed into pita pockets, or even on their own as a quick and easy snack.

Falafel Ingredients

I added 1 tablespoon of cumin powder and cut the chili powder in half, and after a quick blitz in the food processor, the bean mixture simply gets rolled into little balls. I pressed the balls down onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. I figured that it would be easier for me to bake the whole batch at once than to have to tend to them frying on the stovetop—and it also ensured that I wouldn’t have to worry about the patties sticking to the pan, which is always my fear with frying in a skillet!

I baked mine at 375 degrees F for 30 minutes, then topped with a little shredded mozzarella and melted the cheese under the broiler before serving. There were leftovers (as I’d hoped!), so I let them cool fully and stashed them into the freezer in a zip top freezer bag with as much air removed as possible. You lose a bit of the nice outer texture when you reheat after freezing, but the flavor more than makes up for it.

Cheesy Baked Falafel

I love that these little patties are packed with flavor and nutrition—think of the parsley like a green and be satisfied that you’re getting a good dose of vitamin A without even trying!—and that they are so easy to eat. I am also sure that they’d make a wonderful lunch component both for an adult or for a kiddo, with a little dipping sauce on the side.

Get the original recipe for Weeknight Falafel here.

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If you’re ready to go meatless or just want to take a break from meat for a little while (even if it’s only for one meal a week), then check out these 10 delicious vegetarian dishes. With scrumptious recipes like spinach and artichoke quesadillas, vegan pad thai and roasted chickpea gyros, you are certain to find one that pleases the entire family.

1. Cookie and Kate‘s Thai Red Curry tastes even better heated up. Use the leftovers (if there are any!) for lunch the next day.

2. Yum! These Crispy Black Bean and Rice Burritos by Gimme Delicious look delightful.

3. If pasta is on tonight’s menu, then check out this exquisite Garlic Herb Mushroom Spaghetti recipe by Pinch of Yum.

4. Peas and Crayons‘ tasty Greek Quinoa Bowls are colorful, fun and healthy!

5. Swap out your usual recipe for these fantastic Spinach and Artichoke Quesadillas (courtesy of Domestic Superhero). We promise they won’t disappoint!

6. It’s Thai night! And Vegan Miam’s Vegan Pad Thai is on the menu. This recipe is a healthy, meatless alternative to your typical pad thai recipe.

7. Cozy up with A Beautiful Plate’s Slow Cooker Minestrone with Split Red Lentils. It’s the ultimate comfort food for a chilly spring night.

8. Live Eat Learn‘s Roasted Chickpea Gyros are the perfect fix for an on-the-go lunch. Plus, they’re fresh, delicious and kind to your waistline.

9. Swap out your usual go-to burger for a healthier option. You won’t even miss the meat with Green Kitchen Stories’ Portobello and Peach Burger–it’s that good.

10. Get in your daily greens (and protein!) with Half Baked Harvest‘s Moroccan Roasted Garlic Pesto and Cashew Pizza. I’ll take three slices please!

Happy Friday!


February is FINALLY here, and as you might assume, I’m ecstatic about it. Why? Because February is National Grapefruit Month! Grapefruit has always been one of my all-time favorite winter fruits. Its acidic nature, pungent taste, and numerous health benefits—think assistance with clear skin, weight loss, hydration, and digestion—are just a few of the many reasons for you to include this zesty fruit in your diet. If you’re new to the grapefruit family, don’t fret because these 10 recipes are here to show you how to integrate the peach-hued produce into your home.

1. If eating a raw grapefruit is too bitter for your liking, then switch things up by trying the fruit in the form of a baked good. This Grapefruit Ricotta Cake recipe (courtesy of Kristine’s Kitchen) presents the perfect opportunity!


2. A light and refreshing scoop of Crumb‘s Grapefruit Campari Sorbet to satisfies any sweet tooth.


3. Dinner is served! Load up on omega-3′s with this Pan-Fried Halibut with Grapefruit and Mango Salsa recipe courtesy of Cooks with Cocktails!


4. Swap out your usual Saturday night tequila shots (+ salt and limes) for something with equal citrus flavor—-The Cookie Rookie‘s Grapefruit Salty Dog.


5. How can you NOT start off your morning right when you’ve had one of  Style Me Pretty‘s Baked Lemon Donuts with Grapefruit Glaze? P.S. The donuts’ champagne color undoubtedly makes them insta worthy.


6. If you’re on the hunt for a fancy finger food, call off the search because Steele House Kitchen‘s Candied Cardamom Grapefruit fulfills the requirement.


7. Citrus salad anyone? Enjoy the numerous health benefits of grapefruit with Sweet Sugar Bean‘s Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with Shrimp.


8. Curb the mid-morning munchies with a snack that doesn’t take you off track. Pastry Affair‘s Bruléed Grapefruit recipe is tangy, tart, and tasteful.


9. If it’s your turn to host the girls this month, then make sure that you save room on your menu for The Whisk Kid‘s Grapefruit Cupcakes with Honeyed Italian Meringue Buttercream.


10. A true delicacy! Impress your guests with blush pink Grapefruit Macaroons (recipe courtesy of Lulu’s Sweet Secrets).


Happy National Grapefruit Month!


Want an easy comfort-food recipe that takes only 30-minutes from start to finish? Try this delicious Mac and Cheese Spaghetti with Bacon and Peas smothered in a creamy, cheddar cheese sauce. Easy recipe, simple ingredients, satisfying meal made in minutes that a whole family will love!

pasta dinner with bacon and peas, cheddar cheese spaghetti with bacon and peas

Sharp cheddar cheese and bacon give the sauce the most delicious flavor, and with the spaghetti and the peas it’s a truly winning combination:

bacon pasta with peas, cheddar cheese bacon pasta with peas, pasta dinner recipe

BACON LOVERS – there are lots of bacon in this mac and cheese – this recipe is for you!

bacon pasta with cheddar cheese and peas, spaghetti recipes, spaghetti dinner

spaghetti with bacon and peas, creamy pasta with cheddar cheese, peas and bacon

Just take a look at this saucy goodness:

spaghetti pasta with cheddar cheese, bacon, and peas


And, here are the changes I made to the original BHG recipe:

1) I omitted the first 3 ingredients that make the bread crumbs topping. I didn’t really want to fiddle with the bread crumbs, so I excluded them altogether.

2) I doubled (or tripled) Dijon style mustard. The recipe calls for 1 teaspoon – I used 1 tablespoon and more! Don’t be afraid to use up to 2 tablespoons of mustard in this recipe.

3) The recipe calls for proscuitto and lists it as an optional ingredient. I used LOTS of cooked bacon instead: 10 slices of cooked bacon, chopped. Definitely not an optional ingredient!

4) I used gluten free spaghetti – use any type of spaghetti you like: gluten free, or multigrain, or whole wheat, or regular spaghetti.

5) VERY IMPORTANT TIP ABOUT MELTING THE CHEDDAR CHEESE IN THE SAUCE, TO AVOID CLUMPS: to make the sauce bring the pasta water to boil (or use half and half) and add the cheese to the boiling water and stir until the cheese melts, to avoid clumps. When you add the spaghetti to the sauce, the sauce might clump up – don’t worry – bring the cheese sauce with the spaghetti in it to boil again, add a little bit more pasta water (or half and half), and keep stirring the spaghetti and the sauce together until clumps begin to melt and disappear. Then, reduce the heat to simmer and continue stirring the sauce with spaghetti until all clumps dissolve. In other words, to fix the clump situation or avoid the clumps, make sure to bring everything to boil to melt the clumps (even after they form) and keep stirring the sauce with pasta in it for smooth texture.

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