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Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Peanut Marshmallow Bars

How can you make something that already tastes good even better? Add chocolate, of course! I’ve been eyeing these salted peanut bars for quite some time. With baseball season around the corner, I’m all about peanuts! I require a bag of peanuts at every game. I’m sure these chocolate peanut marshmallow bars will be the perfect snack when I watch baseball games at home!

From sweet to savory applications, peanuts pack such flavor. The original recipe for these bars uses salted peanuts. I swapped in a combination of salted peanuts and honey roasted peanuts to mix it up. The honey roasted peanuts add an unexpected touch of sweetness that makes you crave more after each bite.

Chocolate Peanut Marshmallow Bars

The bottom cookie layer is quite similar to a shortbread crust. On top of that is a layer of melted marshmallow. And the bars are rounded out with a delectable and oh-so-delicious mixture of peanut butter, crisp rice cereal, and peanuts. Once the top layer has cooled and set, a generous drizzling of chocolate is the perfect finishing touch. These bars have everything you could ever want in a treat: sweet, salty, crunchy, and satisfying!

Chocolate Peanut Marshmallow Bars

Making these little treats is a breeze. It’s waiting for it to cool down and set up that feels like eternity. But really, it only needs about an hour in the fridge to firm up.

This is a great make-ahead dessert. Once completed, it also holds really well for a few days. Although, trust me, you’ll have no problem finishing these chocolate peanut marshmallows bars!

Chocolate Peanut Marshmallow Bars

Here are my changes to the original SALTED PEANUT BARS recipe:

  • Instead of 2 cups salted peanuts, use 1 cup salted peanuts and 1 cup honey roasted peanuts.
  • Once bars have been sliced into serving portions, drizzle melted dark chocolate over the top for the finishing touch.

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quick and easy banana pudding

My daughter has been on a dessert kick lately, and she prefers it to involve chocolate. And while I can’t blame her, I do try to keep a healthy balance in our house, especially during the week, so I recently made this Banana Pudding with Shaved Dark Chocolate. This pudding is made with just a few ingredients that you likely already have in your house and it’s ready in just a few minutes—so it’s perfect for a weeknight dessert. (Though let’s be honest, it also makes for an excellent afternoon snack!) And there’s no cooking, which I love since it was a lot easier to make with a little one underfoot.

ingredients for cocoa banana pudding

The only changes that I made to the original recipe was to swap in plain Greek yogurt for the tofu and honey for the agave simply due to personal preference. I also added 1/4 cup cocoa powder to make it more chocolatey. The ingredients mixed up beautifully in my blender and the pudding was ready almost immediately. (It does taste really good super cold, so you can make this a little ahead of time if you’d like and keep it in the fridge until serving time.)

Like most desserts with banana, this recipe tastes best with super ripe bananas. You know, the ones with black spots that are almost too ripe to eat out of hand. So set a few aside and save them to use here.

Cocoa banana pudding servings

I served up our pudding in little espresso cups and added some banana and shaved dark chocolate on top. The dessert was both satisfying and comforting, and it was nice as a pregnant mama to know I was getting a good dose of protein with my chocolate.

Find the original recipe for Banana Pudding with Shaved Dark Chocolate here.

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Hi there! I’m Chrissy Dupé from Little food blog. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Tony and our Toy Cavoodle, Boris. We love food. And I always want to try a bite of everything. It’s just the worst when you order a meal then get food envy when the other dishes come out. First world problem? Absolutely. But a problem, nonetheless. I believe if you eat small you can have it all, so I created Little food blog – a website for home cooks that’s full of little recipes with big flavour.

When BHG asked me to put my spin on one of their recipes I was super excited. But naturally, I couldn’t choose just one. So I decided to make one savoury and one sweet dish and shrink them down to make a cute little two-course brunch menu.

First up, the classic creamy mac and cheese.

I have a confession to make… I’ve never actually had it before (crazy, I know!). It’s not really something that’s on a lot of menus in Australia. But I do love cheese and I do love pasta (who doesn’t?). My husband also loves sport. It’s off-season for Aussie football at the moment and he’s been glued to the American NFL playoffs (he’s a Bengals fan). So I thought it was rather appropriate to make an American classic for his game day celebrations.

Mac n cheese balls

I decided to put a Little food blog spin on it by turning it into Fried Mac and Cheese Balls with Chorizo. I love this idea cause it adds a lovely crunchy texture on top of the creamy, cheesy goodness. Plus you can just use your leftover mac n cheese (assuming you have any left… this stuff is good).

When making the Creamy Mac and Cheese recipe, I added two chorizo sausages, finely chopped and pan-fried. Plus 1/4 tsp of paprika, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a handful of chopped parsley. Side note: I couldn’t find any of the three different kinds of cheeses listed in the BHG recipe in Australia, so I had to improvise.

Mac n cheese balls frying

Once cooked, I cooled the mixture for a couple of hours, rolled it into 1/4 cup size balls, dipped them in an egg wash made from two eggs whisked with two tablespoons of milk, then rolled them in a mix of half regular and half panko bread crumbs (one cup of each). I then deep-fried them in vegetable oil at 180°C (350°F) for three minutes each side until golden (you could also use 2 inches of oil in a deep skillet), and served them with tomato relish.

Fried mac n cheese balls with chorizo

For the second course, I chose BHG’s Gingerbread pear muffins. I’m a massive fan of anything that involves gingerbread. And ginger, pear and chocolate is a killer combination. So I brunched it up a little by turning it into a little gingerbread pear skillet hotcake.

Pears for gingerbread pear hotcake

Lindt chocolate for gingerbread pear hotcake

I didn’t change BHG’s recipe much. I just added an extra egg to make the mixture more hotcake-y and finished it off with the delicious chocolate sauce and a dollop of whipped créme fraîche.

And there you have it – a tasty little two-course brunch menu for the weekend, and no agonising decision between sweet and savoury. Thanks BHG! And go the Broncos!

Gingerbread & pear skillet hotcake

Mac n cheese balls and gingerbread and pear hotcake


June is a big celebration month for me. In one week, I will be celebrating my 34th birthday (I know I’m surprising you because I look like I’m barely 21). I am so used to celebrating with the standard cake and candles that it literally bores me now.

Banana Split Pops

This year, I didn’t feel like ordering a cake or even baking my own. I want a relaxed celebration that doesn’t require me to work a ton so I can spend time with the people I love. That’s where these fun Banana Split Pops come in.

I ran into these Dark Chocolate Banana Nut Pops on that screamed for a fun makeover. They looked so sensational and so simple to make. I would serve these all summer long at my low key soirees. But I knew a festive twist would be just awesome for an easy birthday treat that won’t pack on the calories.

I immediately thought of adding a banana split element to these. A banana split is still the most exciting ice cream vehicle you can find. Topped with chocolate sauce, sprinkles and cherries, this became just the birthday treat I was looking for.

I made the following small changes to get the celebratory feel I wanted for these banana split pops:

  • Instead of adding nuts to these pops, I replaced them with rainbow sprinkles. You can also use a combination of both.
  • I topped each banana pop with a maraschino cherry and that’s all folks!

Banana Split Pops

I must say that I had as much fun making these as I did eating them. If this treat is any indication of what my 34th year has in store, I can guarantee fun times are on the way!

Layers of the best chocolate cake with chocolate and peanut butter frosting creates a delicious cake worthy of any party.

Hi, everyone. I’m Jocelyn, a food blogger from the Midwest. For the past 6 years, I have been sharing fun and easy dessert recipes on my blog Inside BruCrew Life. Recently, I also have started sharing the easy dinner recipes that our family enjoys. Most of these recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less making them perfect for those busy school nights.

I am so excited to be sharing some dessert recipes with you for the “Month of Chocolate”. One of the first ones that caught my eye when I was searching BHG’s recipes was for the Best-Ever Chocolate Cake. Anything that claims to be the best ever always has me wanting to test it right away. I couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen and create some cake fun.

Adding extra candy around the edges and on the top makes this cake truly the best-ever chocolate cake.

As I mixed up the cake batter, I made a few tweaks to the ingredients based on how I usually make a homemade chocolate cake in my kitchen.

  • I substituted dark cocoa powder in place of regular cocoa powder to deepen the color and taste of the cake.
  • I used a mixture of regular sugar and brown sugar in the cake batter.
  • I swapped out half of the milk for cooled coffee. Using coffee is another way to really deepen that chocolate flavor.
  • I baked the cake batter in a 9×13 pan, and cut it in half to make the two layers.
  • I halved the recipe for the Chocolate-Sour Cream Frosting. Again I used dark cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips to give it a little more chocolate edge. Make sure to set aside a some of the frosting to pipe around the top edge of the cake before you fill the cake layers.
  • I covered the entire cake with my recipe for Honey Peanut Butter Frosting. A simple dinner fork is all you need to create the fun pattern on the sides of the cake.

Layers of chocolate cake and two kinds of frosting with candy makes this an over the top cake for any party.

To add more fun and decoration to the cake, I also added some peanut butter filled candies around the edges and on top. This Best-Ever Chocolate Cake lived up to its name completely. It is definitely my new favorite recipe for homemade chocolate cake, and my family cannot wait for me to make another one. Get the original recipe here.

Here is a fall-styled loaf cake to get you in the mood for the season and the upcoming holidays. I love the simplicity of this rustic cake and the stunner it reveals once sliced.

I mean look at that cake, it’s hard to deny the beauty of finding a halved pear inside, along with that the fall flavors are spot-on.

I’ve made this cake several times and the recipe is great as is. But for this version, I had to made a few adjustments. After peeling a pear and then cutting it in half, I realized it was a bad—as were the other two I had. That’s so frustrating, especially when you have everything sifted and measured.

That being the case, I made to sure to replace the pears with very ripe and unbruised ones—knowing this time around I was going to skip peeling and poaching them.

Luckily, the end result wasn’t too different. The skin is soft and blends right into the flesh of the pear (not like how apple skins don’t bake well). I didn’t miss the flavored poaching too much since the cake itself is full of flavor.

To skip the peeling and poaching like I did. Follow the recipe here, but omit the four ingredients following the pears since those are the ingredients used for the poaching. Then simply cut the pears in half and core them and drop the halves into the batter filled loaf pan. Lastly, I added a layer of dark chocolate ganache for added richness.


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