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Samantha Merritt is the recipe developer, writer, and photographer behind Sugar Spun Run, a sweet food blog created to satiate even the fiercest sweet tooth. She lives in southern Pennsylvania with her husband and their two dogs, and seems to always have powdered sugar on her clothes, frosting in her hair, and a stash of chocolate chip cookies hidden in the pantry.

When Better Homes & Gardens asked me (me!?) to adapt a recipe, I knew right away that I wanted to make a cookie.

Of all of the different recipes I’ve made in my lifetime, cookies have always been a favorite, and I’ve been on the lookout for a good, really, truly chocolate cookie recipe for quite some time. When I saw this recipe for Triple Chocolate Cookies, they practically were screaming my name through the computer screen.

These cookies came out looking just like they did in their picture (which, if you’re a seasoned baker, you know that doesn’t always happen). Perfectly light, almost delicate, and thin with gorgeous, shiny, crackly tops, they were dream cookies.

I made very few changes to the original recipe, but I used only semisweet chocolate (which I guess makes them “Double” Chocolate Cookies), and omitted the pecans. After drizzling them with chocolate sauce, I peppered them with broken candy canes for the perfect combination of chocolate and mint.

Because I suffer from an insatiable sweet tooth and because I’ve got the holidays on my brain,  I took things a step further and made them extra festive by sandwiching them with a light, white chocolate and peppermint buttercream frosting.

I used this white chocolate peppermint frosting but omitted the sour cream and made a few minor alterations (covered below) and stirred in a third cup of crushed peppermints. It was light, smooth (other than the peppermint crunchies, of course) and decadent.

While the cookies are rich in and of their own right, they’re supremely chocolatey and I think a refreshing peppermint filling complemented them nicely rather than make them overbearing. They’re the perfect Christmas cookie and I have a feeling if you leave a few of these out for Santa you’ll be kindly rewarded. ;)

Just to recap the changes I made to the triple chocolate cookies: Omitted pecans & used only semisweet chocolate.

And to the white chocolate peppermint frosting: I used a little less sugar (about 2 1/2-3 cups), a full cup of butter instead of ½ cup, and I nixed the sour cream, substituting ¼ cup of heavy cream instead, which I beat in on high speed for one minute after adding. Don’t forget to stir in a third cup of crushed candy canes for a nice little crunch!

Just a tip — when you’re making your frosting, make sure your white chocolate isn’t too hot or you’ll melt your sugar and have a mess on your hands, in which case you will have to spoon gobs of melty frosting on top of your cookies and messily devour them like an animal instead of sandwiching them neatly inside. Not that I know this from experience or anything, of course. ;)


Hello! My name is Rebekah and I blog over at Kitchen Gidget. I love creating easy recipes based on my Midwestern roots and Hispanic heritage. I have a special focus on Puerto Rican cuisine which, if you’ve never tried it, is mouth-wateringly flavorful. I have a hardworking husband,  a sweet baby Great Danebull and home is where the military sends us!

Sweet Empanaditas

I believe food is better when shared (…unless it’s the last bite!), so I was thrilled when Better Homes & Gardens invited me to share a recipe with you. After all, I’ve been a fan since I first discovered the magazine on my grandma’s coffee table 20-some years ago.

I chose these Sweet Empanaditas because they sounded like they would be the perfect ending to a meal of roasted pork, rice and beans. I was wrong – they are a fabulous dessert for ANY meal! I even ate them for breakfast!

Sweet Empanaditas

Essentially an empanada is a hand pie, or in this case, a “little hand pie.” They can be sweet or savory. The dough has only three ingredients and these sweet empanaditas are filled with jam so they couldn’t be easier. I chose pineapple preserves since they complement Latin cooking so well, but you can use your favorite flavor. You could even use caramel, Nutella or apple butter!

With the holidays coming up, these will be your new favorite dessert. I love the soft, flaky crust and the fact that the only sweetener is fruit preserves, which means they’re not overly sweet.

Sweet Empanaditas

I made just a few changes to the Sweet Empanaditas recipe. Instead of rolling each pie in cinnamon-sugar, I brushed them with an egg wash before baking and sprinkled them with sanding sugar. I loved the color this added along with some sparkle. I mixed in a dash of cinnamon with the fruit preserves – this took the flavor from good to great! I prepared the dough ahead of time and stored it in the fridge until I was ready to bake. Terrific time-saver if you’re making these for the holidays!

Sweet Empanaditas

Banana Biscotti

Bursting with banana flavor, these biscottis are unlike any I’ve ever had. Adapted from Gone Bananas Biscotti, the addition of roasted macadamia nuts and sweetened shredded coconut make these perfect for summer. I’ve never made biscotti dough with mashed bananas, but this recipe has made me a believer. Not only does the mashed banana add so much flavor, it also prevents the biscotti from completely drying to a hard stone. These biscottis bake firm and crisp, yet still maintain a delicate texture.

Whether you take your coffee hot or iced, these tropical biscotti would be a welcome treat. They’re also great with milk (for the kids). Or if you’d like to go the traditional route, they’d be fantastic with an Italian dessert wine.

Biscotti Cookies

Biscottis are twice baked cookies. First, it’s baked in a loaf shape until firm. Then it’s sliced into the iconic biscotti wedges. They’re put back in the oven until the wedges are crisp and toasty. While it sounds like a tedious process, biscottis are quite simple to make. No mixer required, you can easily mix this by hand. Best of all, they last up to 3 months in the freezer so you can always have biscottis on hand.

Baked Biscotti

At this point, these tropical biscottis are ready to eat. Fresh from the oven, they will be a bit soft. They will crisp up as they cool to room temperature.

Once cooled, you can dip the biscotti in melted chocolate for some added decadence. You can even sprinkle additional shredded coconut or chopped nuts, if desired.

Dipping Biscotti in Chocolate

This is the link to the original GONE BANANAS BISCOTTI.


  • Omit 3/4 cup dried banana chips
  • Add 1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut
  • Add 1/2 cup roasted macadamia nuts, roughly chopped

Chocolate Dipped Biscotti

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citrus zingers lime zingers variation
Believe or not, some people don’t like chocolate. Or maybe you’ve already overloaded on chocolates from the holidays. What treats are you supposed to enjoy on Valentine’s Day? Cookies, of course! These super cute heart shared citrus zingers sugar cookies are the perfect little treats.

Inspired by the bounty of winter citrus available, I adapted these lime zingers to include a combination of lemon, lime, and orange. The resulting zingers are bright, fun, and unexpected. They’re not your typical Valentine’s Day cookies, but they’re just as special. The burst of citrus flavors is sure to evoke some smiles and bring you happy thoughts of the upcoming spring weather.

BHG citrus zingers lime zingers sugar cookie variation

Asides from the bright citrus notes, this dough is made with almond flour. It gives it just the right amount of nuttiness to this soft vanilla sugar cookie. Luckily, this dough is very easy to work with. It doesn’t require any chill time after mixing. Simply dump the dough onto a clean surface and roll it out to an even 1/4-inch thickness. Use a small cutter to punch out your desired shapes. I used this little heart for Valentine’s Day, but any shape will do. (You can even use a knife to simply cut out squares.) Gather scrapes and roll out dough as needed to punch out as many cookies as possible.

BHG citrus zingers lime zingers sugar cookie variation

No need to space these cookies out in the oven during bake. They don’t spread. These zingers are super forgiving and perfect for timid bakers.

After the cookies are done baking you’ll be able to clearly see the speckles of almond flour as well as the bright citrus peels mixed in. They taste amazing as it, but since we’re celebrating love, let’s add a little color.

BHG citrus zingers lime zingers sugar cookie variation

The original lime zingers recipe calls for green frosting. I lightly tinted the frosting pink using a tiny amount of red gel food coloring. You can spread the frosting using a mini offset spatula, or the back of a spoon. Or if you want to get fancy, you can pipe or drizzle on the frosting as well. And because I love confetti sprinkles, there’s no harm in adding a handful of rainbows here and there.

I hope this inspires you to bake outside of chocolate this Valentine’s Day!

BHG citrus zingers lime zingers sugar cookie variation

Here are my changes to the original Lime Zingers recipe:

1. Instead of 2 teaspoons finely shredded lime peel: 1 teaspoon of each orange, lemon, and lime peel

2. Instead of 1/4 cup lime juice: 4 teaspoons of each orange, lemon, and lime juice

3. Instead of 3/4 cup finely chopped hazelnuts: 3/4 cup almond flour (ground almonds)

4. For the frosting, instead of 1 tablespoon lime juice: 1 teaspoon of each orange, lemon, and lime juice

5. For the frosting, instead of green food coloring: red food coloring

plate of loaded chocolate chip cookies

No matter what kind of baker you are, or how regularly you pull out your flour and butter, having a great chocolate chip cookie recipe in your arsenal is a must. And when that go-to recipe also includes dried fruit, coconut, and a lot less butter than comparable cookies, well, you can pull it out to share with family and friends for almost any occasion. This recipe for Coconut, Cranberry, and Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, which features all of the flavors that you love in a chocolate chip cookie but also includes a few ingredients that make it almost healthful, is a favorite in our house. We love to share them, gift them, and eat them on Sunday afternoons curled up with a few good books.

ready to bake cookie dough

I love this cookie recipe primarily because the end result tastes so good, but there are other aspects that make it one that I turn to again and again. Here are a few:

  • It comes together in one bowl, so you won’t feel like you’re washing dishes for hours after you’re done baking.
  • They somehow only require 1/2 of a stick of butter, which seems amazing compared with the other chocolate chip cookie recipe we make regularly which uses 2 sticks.
  • The inclusion of dried fruit, coconut, and oats makes them chewy—but the butter and sugar ensures that they also have crisp edges. It’s the best of both worlds!
  • The batch makes plenty to share or keep on hand for a while since they store nicely. This batch filled 2.5 quart-sized mason jars, so we were able to gift some to friends for the holidays (and enjoy some in our own house).

easy cookies with dried fruit and chocolate

I didn’t change much about this recipe from the original apart from leaving out the walnuts and doubling the dried fruit. I used dried cranberries instead of cherries since that’s what my local store had, but the results are really similar, so use what you like best. (You can also use raisins or snipped dried apricots or dates.) You may also want to add a bit more chocolate than the recipe calls for, but I’ll leave that executive decision up to you.

Find the full recipe for Coconut, Cranberry, and Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies right here.

Christmastime is when bakers pull out all their tricks. But not all of us are blessed with the steady hand that some of these baking-marvels demand. We’ve compiled bloggers’ most inspiring Christmas cookies into a list that  has a decorated cookie for every type of baker!

For the chocolate lovers. “Christmas Cookies Covered with Modeling Chocolate” from Roxy’s Kitchen will make cookie decorating way easier this season.

For the steady-handed. To make your own intricate Snowflake Cookies, watch SweetAmbs‘ video! Plus, if you don’t have a go-to gingerbread cookie, the blogger provides her own recipe.

For the artist. Christi, the blogger behind Love From The Oven, is known for her cookie decorating — even guest blogging on other baking sites. Her “How To Paint Sugar Cookies” tutorial makes it seem so easy!

For the traditional — with a twist. Sweet Sugar Belle uses scalloped Christmas tree cookie cutter to take “bites” out of the gingerbread people. Though they look a little down, we think these Bitten Gingerbread Men Cookies are downright adorable.

For the cartoonist. The Bearfoot Baker gives readers step-by-step directions (complete with pictures!) for decorating these so-cute Simple Penguin Cookies. She even throws in how-tos for easy snowflakes and “fish flakes!”

For the thrifty. Get your full use out of gingerbread men cookie cutters with this Reindeer Cookies recipe from Noshing With The Nolands. Just turn the gingerbread men upside down and follow the decorating directions!

For the pros. These complex Nutcracker Decorated Cookies from Sweetopia require a projector. We just watched the video tutorial in awe!


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