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Whether you are looking for a comfort day dish or  some game day grub, this Texas Red Chili has you covered. It’s thick, hearty and filled with flavor.

And the one reason why I really love this recipe—no beans. Along with that, the original recipe found here is great to use as is or as a base to customize and tweak to what you have on hand, like I did this time around.

Never one to give up on a recipe if I don’t have all the ingredients, I will generally improvise with what I do have. Below are a few changes and swaps out of what I did do:

  • Instead of ground beef I used 2lbs of boneless beef chuck, cubed into 1 1/2 – 2 inch pieces, so when it comes to the directions brown the beef chuck in the same place the recipe calls to brown the the ground beef. But instead of cooking it all the way through, sear the beef.
  • I swapped out the serranos for some jalapenos.
  • For some added sweetness, I replaced the water with one can of Dr. Pepper.
  • Lastly, I cooked some Israeli Cous Cous to add to the end for some extra heft. And if you decide to do this, don’t add the cous cous until you are ready to serve the chili or it will absorb all the liquid.
  • To serve it, I like mine topped with cheese, sourcream, extra jalapenos, a sprinkling of chives and cilantro and a squeeze of lime—needless to say, I like my chili served with a lot of extras!

That’s it. You can see how easy it is to mix things up to what you have in your pantry—don’t be afraid to play around. To get started, grab the recipe here.

I’m going to against the grain here and sharing a non-holiday dish, as many of you probably already have your menu set and are in the throes of prepping and cooking it for it.

With that being the case, you may just need an easy meal like this soup to keep your dinner easy and fuss-free as you work on your holiday meals.

It’s simple to assemble and the best part is it all goes into a slow cooker.  Who doesn’t love to walk a way from a slow cooker, then come back to it hours later and have a hot meal waiting? No complaints here, especially since I had my little guy push up his sleeve to give me hand. I figure if he’s old enough to learn it, it won’t be too long before he can master the slow cooker.

To keep it especially easy, I tossed the carrots, onion and celery in the food processor and let it do all the chopping and dicing work. From there everything just goes in to the pot and 3 hours later—done, dinner is served.

Get the Creamed Chicken and Corn Soup recipe here!


Tis the season for chocolate and peppermint pairings, especially when it comes to dessert. It’s not the holidays unless I overload on peppermint.

This season I’m not even half way there. With that, I’m sharing this marshmallow-filled peppermint twist on the Ultimate Chocolate-Dipped Cookie from recipe from here.

I’m pretty sure you are going to love these. It starts with a rich, chocolatey cookie base then I gave it a nice dollop of marshmallow fluff and finished it with a chocolate covering and crushed peppermint candy. It’s insanely rich, Christmas-y and totally addicting.

Of course if you want to keep things simple, just sprinkle mini marshmallows on top and then drizzle chocolate on top of it followed by some crushed peppermint candy or candy canes.

However you do it, make sure you pair it with a nice cup of homemade hot chocolate from here, or for a double dose of minty goodness – go for the Peppermint Hot Chocolate here.


Chocolate cake and coconut is a weakness of mine, I’ll take either separately, in any form. Put them together and I’m a slave to my spoon until my plate is cleared.

This chocolate-coconut cake recipe is no exception. It’s hard to declare which part I like most, the moist chocolate cake or the creamy coconut-y frosting—so I ate, and I ate and I ate, until I came to the conclusion, I couldn’t decide.

That is no exaggeration, I think my pores have been pleasantly releasing a coconut scent for a day now. I’m not complaining, nor did anyone else in my family who also loved this latest BHG cake that I made.

To get started, click here for the recipe. One small note, I didn’t have buttermilk on hand so I swapped that portion for sour cream. I’ve made this cake before and the sour cream works fine, but the buttermilk is really where it’s at for this one.

Biscotti is a holiday cookie must. I always have it on hand for those who want something light or for something to dunk in coffee or tea.

This Pistachio-Fruit Biscotti is incredibly easy to make and  . . . pssst, lower in calorie than most other holiday cookies without any compromise in taste or flavor.

For the version you see here, I didn’t have any dried apricots on hand, so I used freeze dried cranberries. They turned out great. Now here’s the fun part. You can go crazy with this recipe and change out the nut any kind you like and the fruit to any fruit you like, just make sure you keep the fruit portion dried or freeze dried. You’ll want to avoid fresh fruit in biscotti as it will ruin the texture of the cookie.

Of course I got crazy with the recipe and I made a batch of raspberry and chocolate chip; almond citrus and poppy seed–see what I mean go crazy and have fun baking up all kinds of combination because everyone loves a good dunker. And for those who want a kid friendly milk-dunking variation, try a chocolate chip and toffee nut variation.

When you give this a go, comeback and let me know what combination you tried.


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Go ahead and grab your glass of milk now, because you aren’t going to be able to resist these cookies. I made these salted chocolate-caramel rounds this past weekend and they disappeared so quickly that I had to bake a second batch. The first batch followed the recipe as its written here. The second batch, the one you see here, is stuffed with bite-size Snickers instead of caramel squares.

These went even quicker, but at least I was able to get in my pictures before they all disappeared. Next to these being one of my family’s top five favorite cookie recipes, it’s also one I’m working into my holiday cookie rotation this year because the center-filled cookie is going keep them moist and chewy and therefore a perfect candidate for shipping.

To get started, click here. And of course, if you happen to be out of caramel squares like me, or you don’t like Snickers, try stuffing this cookie with another candy that suits you.


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