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Shrimp Pasta Diavolo

Hey there! I’m Farah from The Cooking Jar. My blog focuses on easy, approachable recipes for the humble home cook. I like to think of my recipes as everyday food using everyday ingredients. Recipes made with stuff you can find in regular grocery stores and something an average person can see putting on their dinner table.

As a guest blogger on the BH&G site, the challenge was to adapt any recipe and make some personal changes. So I decided to change up shrimp pasta diavolo. I’m a huge fan of pasta and the recipe was simple enough to be approachable without skimping on the flavor; a running theme I like to follow on my blog. So let’s begin!

I made a couple changes in terms of quantity to provide for a more homely portion and meal. I figured it’s better to have more than less. So I switched up both the pasta and shrimp to one pound worth. Lots of food for everyone! Also, rather than having several medium-sized shrimp buried within the pasta, I wanted huge, juicy shrimp to be the first thing you’ll notice. So I changed it to jumbo to make the shrimp the star of the show. Something that would look so good in pictures, you will want to dive right in!

The most important change I made was to the sauce itself. I wanted the sauce a little bit more spicy so I upped the amount of red pepper flakes used but the level of spiciness is based on personal taste. Cater the heat to your liking. To add more texture and flavor to the red sauce, I switched up diced tomatoes for two cans of fire roasted tomatoes and balanced the tartness from the tomatoes with some sugar. I really love seeing blackened chunks of tomatoes in the sauce and a mild sweetness paired with the heat from the red pepper flakes is an addictive combination! I also tossed in a half cup of white wine but that’s purely optional.

Lastly, to keep things even more simple, I decided to leave out the baby spinach and just focus the flavor on fresh basil instead. It’s one of my favorite herbs. Just smelling it heightens your mood! That’s about it. Simple and tasty with a kick. Wear an apron with this one, this sauce spits!


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