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Cream Cheese Cauliflower Mashers with Asiago

Hi! I’m Taryn and I blog over at Joy Filled Eats. My blog is about Discovering Joy in the Kitchen while eating healthy. All my recipes are gluten-free and sugar-free. Most recipes are also low carb. I have struggled with my weight for many years and after adopting this lifestyle, I’ve managed to lose over 50 pounds. I’d love for you to drop on by for a visit. With four kids I need to keep things simple. I strive to feed my family nutritious meals that are quick and easy.

I was very excited when Better Homes & Gardens asked me to share a recipe with you. The harder part was choosing which recipe to adapt. There are thousands of delicious looking recipes on the BHG site and I could only pick one.

With Thanksgiving a week away I decided my best option was to take a Turkey Day classic and make it low-carb. I chose Cream Cheese Mashers with Kale Pesto knowing that I could swap out the potatoes with cauliflower and have a hit side dish.

The original recipe calls for 5 pounds peeled and chopped potatoes. Besides the health benefits of using cauliflower there is no peeling involved. Peeling 5 pounds of potatoes is no small task.

CLICK HERE for the ORIGINAL RECIPE:  Cream Cheese Mashers with Kale Pesto 

My adaptations to make this low carb with cauliflower are below.

All I did was take two 20 oz bags of cauliflower florets out of my freezer, dump in a large bowl, and microwave them until they were warm. That saves about 20 minutes of peeling time.

I did swap out the 4 cloves of garlic (which are boiled with the potatoes in the original recipe) for one entire head of roasted garlic. It is always worth it to roast garlic. Simply slice the head down the middle exposing all the cloves, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, wrap in foil and roast for 30 minutes at 400 until the cloves are softened and your house smells heavenly.

A few more adaptations and we are good to cook. I reduced the heavy cream to 1/2 cup, reduced the salt to 2 tsp, and added 1 cup of shredded Asiago cheese.

To prepare the Cauliflower Mashers you need to put half the ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth (unless you have a professional size food processor they won’t fit). Spoon that into a baking dish and sprinkle on half the Asiago. Process the remaining ingredients. Spoon that into the dish and top with the remaining Asiago cheese. Bake at 400 for 30 minutes or until golden, hot, and bubbly.

P.S. I also skipped the kale pesto. Kale is one of the few vegetables I’ve never become friends with. Since this dish is made from cauliflower I had no guilt leaving off that leafy green. But if you are a kale fan go ahead and drizzle a little Kale Pesto on top.

3 Responses to “ Cream Cheese Cauliflower Mashers with Asiago ”

  1. I see no actual recipe…….could you please print that out?

  2. do you still use the cream cheese or is it omitted and replaced by the asiago cheese?

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