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Stirring Up Ideas In The Kitchen

Change Up Your Old Mac & Cheese

Take an American classic and add a little bit here and there to make it a whole new dish. You’ll love these comforting and cheesy takes on Mac and Cheese.

Spice up your next cheese feast with a little salty treat from I Am Food Blog. We love the addicting combination of salty spam and creamy cheese in this Spam Mac and Cheese. Plus it’s easy on your budget!

Double the creamy goodness with this Avocado Mac and Cheese. Two Peas & Their Pod adds 2 whole avocados to this dish making it stuff-your-face good.

The Gunny Sack whipped up this Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. A flaky and delicious pizza crust stacked with tons of gooey mac and cheese.


Kick up the heat with this dish from Back to Her Roots. With hot chile sauce and crisp, crunchy bacon this Bacon and Sriracha Macaroni and Cheese is the perfect twist to a classic comfort food.


Who says you can’t have mac and cheese for breakfast? Spicy Southern Kitchen says you can! Her Breakfast Mac and Cheese mixes the best breakfast foods like sausage and biscuits into a cozy breakfast casserole.

Caprese + Mac and Cheese = perfection. Simply Delicious Food pairs these two masterpieces together to create a work of food-art. Her Caprese Mac and Cheese is the perfect dish for your next family gathering.

There’s no better way to end the day then with a cold beer and a warm mac and cheese! How Sweet Eats combines these two treats in this Easy Beer Mac and Cheese. What could be better then that?

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